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  1. Male chastity...sorta

    acuk [sign in to see picture]
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    On a bit of a whim after some naughty pillow talk we got a cock cage, for a twist to teasing mostly, but after a day in it and reading a few tips on here all i can say is wow! its amazing considering its not a kink ether of us has really looked into before we have hit the ground running lol My wife has taken to it way more than i though and has been playing her part perfectly, considering im normally the more dominant one she has really been amazing and i hope ive done my bit ok too lol although she may get to decide when we next have sex it doesnt meen she is in charge when we do lol i dont normally post much but if one of you suggests this id say go for it! and like any kink you can just take the bits that work for you.

    Naughty Miss K [sign in to see picture]
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    Glad you guys have found something you are both enjoying to explore!

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    That is interesting because I have been liking the idea of a cock cage for a while, I like that I can not play with myself whenever I want. My problem is that I am normally quite dominant and the GF is pretty submissive. I think the way you are saying that once you are unleashed you are in control could be very useful to us.

    Side not is that I would see it as a self imposed chastity, that I wouldonly use my sub to cum kind of a thing. How comfortable is it to wear day-to-day?

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    Day to day i have no idea as its still new and i havent gone longer than a day (morning till night) but so far its very comfy and sometime i can even forget its on, though there is a knack to fitting the first ring, when i first tried i though this will never fit! but after a bit of a play it goes on in seconds.

    After 15 or so years being the Dom as it were its nice to mix things up a bit, and she can still be tied up and have her bum smacked getting what she likes, im thinking one weekend to have her hide the key and i have to make her tell me where it is using our toy collection ;)

    I guess it is self impsed in a way but honestly when its all locked up and you feel like you want to have a play but cant as she has the key it makes it feel very out of your hands! As we have found in the past we like to pick and choose bits of various kinks to suit our play style.

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    You want to try going out with your wife wearing the key on a necklace or anklet while you're locked.

    Mine does this all the time and whilst she has only once been asked about the key (she said it was the key to her husbands heart!), it's a hell of an erotic thrill knowing someone might.

    As you say, pick and choose what you both like, but you may want to play with edging if you've enjoyed your initial foray into chastity. She could tie you, edge you and lock you up again.

    However be warned, my OH wasn't sure about male chastity at first but she loves it now.

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    Funny you should say that, she has just started to wear the key on an anklet, we have been getting more into teasing and she has made me please her but made me wait.

    Its a strange experiance makes you desperate for your partner but the added kink of being locked up makes it different than just not having sex for a few days, the teasing helps as well ;)

    My wife is also taking to it much more than i thought, but then it was her that brought it up out of nowhere i just did the shopping, and so far its really been fun and made both of us much more horny, though i dont know how people wear them 24/7 as night times are hard work, and while i have managed 2 full nights i couldnt do that and still be able to go to work due to sleep deprivation!

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