1. School girl roleplay/costume

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    Personally as a sub its more about dominance and submission...you do as your told.... nothing wierd there... just a fun way off getting the same message across

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    Well that I do understand

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    My wife looks really hot in her naughty school uniform, and I enjoy bending her over my knee, and giving the naughty girl a good spanking.

    Its all just a bit of roleplay fun.

    Like all kinks, its what you enjoy.

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    dh wrote:

    I'm not really into role plays but would definitely get turned on seeing my girlfriend dressed in a sexy school uniform. As others point out though this doesn't mean I actually want to have sex with a school girl.
    One thing I do find surprising though is just how many people on Fet are into daddy/daughter play. Each to their own, but as father to a little girl that is one of the very few fetishes I could get into

    could or couldn't? on the subject of school girl costumes, I love them and as someone else said, I was in school until I was 18 and some 20 yeah olds also were.
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    wildflower wrote:

    I don't see any problem with it and don't think it's creepy .I have a schoolgirl outfit from here thats not in the least bit realistic of any uniform I've ever seen but that's all part of the fun of roleplay.
    For me any type of roleplay is about losing yourself in a fantasy world for a while where you get to act as someone else . It's very much removed from real life .I don't dress up in different uniforms every time we have sex but it's a fun escape from reality now and then .
    I have lots of different fantasies but it doesn't mean I'd want to carry them out for real .

    +1 :)


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    Kittycat102 wrote:

    Ok I know this has probably been debated over and over between people and couples but am I the only one who finds a school girl costume/roleplay really creepy and wrong? Like why would your partner or whatever want you to be dressed as a school girl? They're underage for one so I don't really get it to be honest..

    I can see were your coming from but have to disagree . My Mrs dresses up as a student ie as a late teenager and not as a school girl. The short skirt is still there but the are accompanied by stockings and not school girl little white socks.Think of 6th form plus St Trinians and then you will get the image . She really looks hot in this outfit especially as she is bursting out of tight blouse when partially buttoned.

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