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  1. I would do ANYTHING for love - but I won't do that

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    Not just you

    sexynurse09 wrote:

    I don't do feet, I hate everybodies feet, including my own, they're horrible! But that's just me lol.

    First time i played privately with a Dom (having previously discussed soft and hard limits) in the middle of play he ordered me to kiss his feet!!!


    what? this hasn't come up when we discussed limits (let alone a screaming banshee limit)

    Never even occured to me anyone could possibly!!!

    so he calms me down then looks me in the eye

    You are gonna push this now aren't you? sez i in that delicious push me pull you state, do it no don't do it don't - and oops where did all this extra wetness come from? but it is feetttttttt noooooo nooo

    end result i got the order again at some point. Was only after i had been getting carried away (and soo turned on and possibly orgasmic ) giving his feet a good old snog and HE STOPS ME that i truly realised how awesome breaking those taboos could be!!! especially when i suddenly realised that he would have been quite happy with the merest brush

    taught me a lot about considering the unthinkable - both when setting limits and breaking them

    and of course it only worked because of all the fun, trust, strong play that had built to that point - and his decency - combination right time right people etc

    Do anything for love? seems i will do just about anything for bloody orgasms!!!!

    feet went back on the absolute hard limit list the very next day tho!!

    Was another couple of years before love joined lust enough to get over That one - and oh boy do i get turned on by doing them now - enjoy doing them for him!- but still have some issues with touching let alone kissing anyone else's. (i did also get a toejob under the table in a restaurant once - but i didn't know what it was playing with my genitals - especially since i could see both hands - such an innocent slut at times i was/am - and too orgasmic (and so very hard to have a quiet one in a very quiet restaurant - let alone the amount i had) to care when i saw him putting his sock and shoe back on - was just too freakin funny and i was too happy)

    But then again i wouldn't be in love with anyone whose core values didn't match mine

    so yeah i would do that - if he asked - safe in the knowledge there are some things he will never ask

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    dunno how i messed up formatting

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