1. P-Spot Noobie Question

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    Hi there,
    I have recently found out about the 'P-Spot' (owing to reading about the purpose of a couple of the toys on LH).

    While my wife occasionally likes to play around 'back there' (never too deep) while we have sex, she has never come close to the 'p-spot' or prostate milking.

    I didn't really know about the p-spot and after reading a lot of stuff online, was still sceptical until I did some further research and watched video where an (amature) guy blew his load in 5 mins without touching his shaft!

    Thus convinced it was possible I got the lube and tried with my fingers but the angle was just not happening (bad angle and couldn't get deep enough). I tried with my wife's g-spot rabbit and while I accidently managed some prostate milking I couldn't figure out why or replicate it. Certainly didn't get anywhere near the p-spot and couldn't really feel any 'good sensation'.

    I found it really hard to figure out if I was in the right area and while the Internet said "about 2 inches in" it was really hard to judge and I couldn't feel anything to suggest I was in the right spot and was scared to go too much deeper in case I hurt myself. Also I couldn't feel for a soft rough patch as I was using a toy as my fingers didn't fit.

    So before I end up hurting myself doing something wrong, can anyone on here with experience of this (giving, receiving or solo) provide some 'tips of the trade'?

    Thanks :)

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    Friendly bump - any help out there?

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    My wife is regularly doing this to me, with lots of lube she inserts two or three fingers and hits the spot when they are almost all the way inside. She starts massaging in about the same way as you massage her p-spot.

    Nowadays she also fists me with all her hand inside me, then she hits whichever spot there and it's marvelous. Don't worry about destroying yourself, with much lube and going step by step you will see that you won't have any problems.

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    You could try lovehoney ass gasmic cockring butt plug it's made for the P spot

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    Think you may find it's a bit further in, try pushing your middle finger in all the way plam up then curl your finger up towards your front it's there, as you're doing it yourself it's easy to tell if you're going to hurt yourself.

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