1. fertility awareness as contraception?

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    The science behind FAM sounds interesting...but for me, a bit too much room for user error.. at the moment with my baby brain I just wouldn't trust myself to remember to check my cervical fluid and chart my BBT every day! So condoms it is until we start trying for another baby.
    Actually don't mind condoms myself, as they help desensitise OH a bit. But each to their own.

    Spent more than 10 years on Microgynon, and now really wish I hadn't...Think it wreaked bad effects on my mood and sex drive, though at the time I didn't realise this...when I have to give my daughter sex education, I will leave it to her to choose, but make her aware how hormones can screw you up. No one ever really talked to me much about the pill apart from the standard questions they ask at family planning clinic...my own mother never talked to me about sex or contraception. Will not want to leave my daughter in the dark about it.

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