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  1. Pubic Hair


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    Hi everyone, I've not been on here for a while as been experiencing some personal issues! But getting better now. I need some opinion on the above subject. I have a hairy cock and balls and I'm debating about shaving it! What is peoples opinion on this please? Thanks


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    It depends on how you feel and your partner and how brave you are in using a razor in that area! Many ladies appear to prefer trimmed pubic hair on a guy as my OH does.

    If I did go for that option then I would consider having it professionally done perhaps waxed .

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    Hwy KinkyKev

    Sorry to hear you've been going through a tough time lately - it's nice to have you back! 

    As there are so many threads on this topic already, I'm going to close this one. 

    You should find the answers you're looking for in one of the below threads, or you can add to the discussion by asking your own question :)


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    I wanna be bare down there!

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    Dear kinkyKev

    The best option is always no hair. It makes you look bigger and far more attractive.

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    I always think that hair downstairs is fine, but there's a big difference that a trimming and tidying up can do. Trimmed is apparently, preferred by most. You don't have to take away everything to look bigger. I personally, think going totally bare is a bit gross - just looks a bit pre-pubescent to me, which sadly is a total turn-off. There are loads of thread on this subject you can peruse, but my opinion is keep it and trim it :)

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    Keep it tidy every time . Keep mine to a square inch and the rest is clean off . All off is a bit to much as I agree with flexybexy ...........

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    Personally I really dislike shaven men. I think men with hair down there look so much more manly and sexy!

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