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  1. Having tightening surgery.

    Luv bunny [sign in to see picture]
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    Glad to hear you're not going through unnecessary surgery, not to mention the pain of it all healing just to 'validate' your ex's shitty comments...

    Perhaps HE should consider brain surgery though, to remove the part that makes him speak before thinking!!

    Sure any new partner would find you lovely the way you are xx

    lj101 [sign in to see picture]
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    Vanessa8 wrote:

    I don't think you need surgery, I think you need an emotional recovery period to strike his ugly statements out of your psyche!

    There was a whole other tread on here discussing if men like a tight or a loose pussy... and seriously people were all over the place about this. And what the heck defines tight or loose anyway... sheeesh.

    Even if you are a little looser post childbirth that does not mean another partner is not going to enjoy sex with you!

    The surgery you mention is not without serious risks as well, so it is not something to be taken lightly. I would focus on your kegals, work on your self esteem and move on with life...

    Your future partners will not be "putting up with you" they will be enjoying your body and cherishing their access to it. if they don't, they don't deserve to be with you!

    mrs.hiskett [sign in to see picture]
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    First of all how would he like squeezing me melon out his penis and you moan bout the hole of it. Not nice!!!! Plz plz plz dont have surgery. Speaking from someone who had to get stitched in and out. Avoid it . You wont be able to have for a whilethe stitchs and the wounds are very painful. Forgive me i dont want to scare you but look at procudure.they cut pul together. Mine went horrible wrong! With an oval opening instead of circle sex and certain positions can be painfuul (3years on) ..... All vaginas are different love yours as it is . Its amazing as it just popped out child!! theres nothing loose bout your vagina. Other people will bw greatful that they had vagina :)

    AsYouWish! [sign in to see picture]
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    The guy was clearly an idiot. If you see him again punch him in the face and tell him the reason he thought you felt loose was because of his small cock!

    This sort of surgery should be avoided. You don't need it!


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    My OH jokes that I've got a cave, especially after the gynaecologist had to use a large speculum to examin my cervix. But he just jokes, I know he doesn't really mean it! He also jokes "that's what anal is for" ugh. But again, he's joking, we've been together for almost 15 years, our relationship is as strong as ever! (When he's naked I look disgusted at him and say "what the fuck is that?!?")

    Yes, I'm probably looser than before I had kids, but that's life, children are far more important than what a man thinks about the tightness of you!!

    Try and move on from his arse-hole statement and I know another man will appreciate you more than you can imagine. Loose or tight, big or small, it doesn't matter. I wish I could get a boob job, but I can't afford it, so I have to learn to love my little pancakes. Love what you have!

    paulsballs [sign in to see picture]
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    Deebug wrote:

    After having kids my ex told me am to lose,which after feeling about and being able to use good size toys i know!!.but can hold juggle balls in all day long,am thinking of giving up on a sex life or having surgery which i don't really want or have money!!.have been single and have been from leaving ex.plz help!!thanks

    sounds like ex is a looser and just wants to hurt , the past is the past you sound like your confidence has been knocked forget him and get on with the future.

    P.S. if you can keep balls in all day there's not much wrong doen there

    Littlestars [sign in to see picture]
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    Deebug wrote:

    ........but 10 times happier on my own.

    This is how I've felt.

    im a happier much more confident person now I'm not with the ex of 14yrs (9 married) and I've had one sexual partner since, they don't know any different. They accept you how you are. There's no before and after for them.

    Im oozing with mojo right now and looking forward instead of back. I won't get my pre baby body back, I've learnt to embrace it and accept I've earnt my tiger stripes and section scar and accept my body is amazing having grown and fed two absolutely amazing children, which he now chooses to see on his own terms.

    Deebug [sign in to see picture]
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    Not had any sexual partners yet,was totally off sex for years,but about 1 month after leaving my long lost old friend is

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