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  1. Honest opinions... Cable ties

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    Heard soooooooo many stories of people using cable ties for bondage and wasn't all that convinced at first. It seems that if you use thick heavy duty ones around the wrists or ankles they don't hurt as much?

    Looked into it online and found one off use only 'nylon bondage cuffs' essentially 2 cable ties fastened with a single clicking joint in the middle to make 2 loops, the same sort of thing that riot police use I guess, has anyone ever used these?

    I'm starting to want to use cable ties for quick spur of the moment kidnap or interrogation role plays etc, opinions please!

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    never used cable ties, I'm too worried about discomfort and not being able to get out of them if needed! They've just never appealed to me personally

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    Nope!Nope nope nope nopity nope nope.

    I mean, if you're happy with the chance of not being able to get them off, overtightening, cutting, bruising, loss of circulation etc.... Then go for it.

    But no.
    Cable ties aren't safe. They're not made for bondage, they tighten and don't go back; they aren't made for human wear so have roughness and imperfections that can hurt.

    Just get some bondage tape for a quick fix, or traditional handcuffs.

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    We've used cable ties, best to do one round both wrists rather than one round each and connecting them both. They're easy to remove, just cut with scissors, we've never had a problem with rough edges but you can fasten them too tight

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    I've used cable ties for years with no ill effects. We don't make them really tight, just as tight as they need to be to not come off, and if there is any sign of reduced circulation or nerve compression then they come off immediately (I have raynaud's and a history of radial neuropathy so I'm ultra cautious). They aren't the most comfortable things but they aren't painful.

    I don't know about the ones you have seen online but I was using some really thick ones the other day and didn't really think there was much difference in comfort compared to thinner ones. They were much harder to cut off though.

    If you are going to use cable ties I'd recommend having a go cutting them before you use them with someone. You might find your scissors aren't up to the job. Also the health of you or your partner is more important than breaking scene. If it hurts or there are signs of compression or reduced circulation then say something and cut them off.

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    Personally I'd only use quick release cable ties as they can over tighten and be hard to remove. Too often I've seen cheap ones being used at events and having to be cut off with a sharp knife as safety scissors are too bulky to get under them to remove.

    The quick release ones I've got came with a professional security guard belt.

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    I think if we owned some like the ones lady ness described then I would be more than happy to use them. I would not just pick up a random pack at the hardware store. To anxious about not being able to get out in case of an emergency :) xx

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    I have used cable times a few times and have always been fine.
    We don't tighten them to too tightly that they dig in or cut off circulation though. We always kept scissors handy too.

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    Im sure theyd be great for the intended purpose, but personally I prefer the Dominix leather cuffs

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    Love cable ties, OH and I make sure they aren't tied too tightly and then cut them off after use. They're the perfect bondage item for that 'pleasurable pain' experience; I don't mind sexual pain!

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    No, I think they would cut in too much

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    I wouldn't personally use them simply because of how difficult they can be to get out of. There's a reason why riot police use them and it definitely isn't because they're comfy and nice to wear.

    However, I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from trying anything. While normal scissors can be a good way to cut them, I would recommend using safety scissors (trauma shears), like those that EMT or paramedics would use as it can easily slip beneath the cuffs while the rounded tip will slide across the skin without cutting or damaging it.

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    They don't sound particularly comfortable to me - I'd think they might cut in? I wouldn't try it personally but each to their own :)

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    Someone put these on me as a kid, really tight, my hands turned purple, it frightened me terribly, an they really hurt. Had to get them cut off, which took ages as they'd been made so tight couildn't get the scissors under them.

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    Never used them or had them used on me for the reason that leather or rubber cuffs are more practical and safer. I know people who do use them because the ties are cheap, easy to use and quick to put on. Only concerns I'd have would be putting them on too tightly or tightening up (as with handcuffs).

    Should be fine to use if you keep an eye on them for tightness. You could try slipping a finger underneath and even use it as part of the session by controling them in the process. Always keep something nearby to cut them. EMT shears are the best because they cut better than scissors although you may find you are better carefully using wirecutters.

    You can get reusable cable ties that have a clip to undo them and this would mean it's easier to loosen or remove them when you are done. Still keep the previously mentioned bits handy though - just in case.

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    As with all bondage; if you're both comfortable and you take the necessary precautions then; why not?

    Instead of scissors you'd be better off with cutting pliers (also called wire cutters or diagonal pliers). A good pair would get through just about any cable tie and as they're strong enough to cut with the tips of the blades you wouldn't need to get them under a tightly fastened cable tie

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    If you are using cable ties, the top edge( where the ridges are ) usually has a rounded profile at each side, where as the face against your skin has a more square/sharp profile so more likely to hurt/cut turning them over/upside down can help so that the free end you pull is on the inside of the loop.

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