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    Has anyone bought these and had real success?

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    I've tried the spray with pheremones to attract men and it didn't make the slightest difference but maybe it's all down to the individual or one of those mind over matter things - you believe it'll work so it will !

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    I have used this one:


    It smells quite like a nice male aftershave which is odd but yeah, it lived up to my expectations!

    I wore it to a convention in my single days (so no drunks who'll have a go at anything) and got a hell of a lot of attention. It has a bit of a placebo effect in that you feel more confident while wearing it, so you act more confident (which is obviously attractive). A couple of my male friends actually commented on how I was looking 'different' and more attractive (looking, not smelling, hah) and one of them asked me out after totally out of the blue! Related? Who knows, but it certainly made some people look at me in a different way than usual. They get this kind of intense look on their face like they can't quite figure out why you're so compelling! I don't usually get hit on so this was a very big difference to my usual con experience.

    In more recent years I've worn it for my partner and had much the same reaction, again the really intense look and double take reaction with the 'you look different' (I hadn't done anything differently I was in PJs lol). He was definitely more aroused than usual without me having to really do anything. It was taken to the bedroom and a quite intense session followed, although he did wonder why I smelled like another man so I had to spill the beans that I was wearing the spray lol.

    So do they work? In my opinion, yes! Whether it's just that you're acting more sexy or that they're smelling something subconciously it made a very noticeable difference to me both with strangers/friends and my partner :)

    But if you're expecting to buy a spray, spritz it on and have men swarming over you and snag you a partner without any effort on your part it's not going to live up to expectations. It's a boost, not a guaruntee!

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