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  1. How many times? honest responses please

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    Italian guys are awesome right?

    My OH and I(since you mentioned his nationality, we're both Italians) both have a high sex drive and sometimes we can have sex , four or five times in the span of three or four hours. He roughly needs ten, max twenty minutes of rest then he's good to go again. Might be the fact that he's packed with testosterone? I have no idea, but be it for him, we'd have sex pretty much nonstop.

    His peak was three times in 60 minutes a couple of years ago after a pretty awesome concert we attended while we were on vacation and well, he was hornier than the usual that time.

    Sometimes I'm the one that throws in the towel because I can't take it anymore.

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    Thanks geekyelanor I do think the Italians being amazing lovers stereotype comes into play a bit here too. At the moment he initiates our first coupling. He's stripped off in mins of closing the door or like Monday he was hanging out of a window stark naked waving to me as I came down the street.

    he will go quite fast the first time he cums then jumps straight back in for more, beyond that we will rest a short while before going for it again but quiet often it's me initiating the sex from then unless he slaps my ass and I pounce on him. He's easily pleased a bit of massage and a blow job and he ready to go again. I couldn't believe it when he just kept going over and over, it's pure bliss. We don't always orgasm together at the moment but it's early days and I guess we are still experimenting a lot with each other pushing buttons etc. I am thoroughly enjoying our time together, but we do have a small language barrier although his English is excellent I don't think he always 100% understands some of the things I ask or tell him.

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