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  1. How many people have you slept with?

    Dali256 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major General
    • Posts: 337
    • Joined: 1 Mar 2010

    About 8 I think

    Naughty Lassie [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Posts: 250
    • Joined: 13 Nov 2014

    8 😮

    darklightq [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 609
    • Joined: 28 Feb 2011

    1 sadly, or not depending on how you look at it.

    It's no bad thing to have only slept with 1 person even if it's not quite how I would have imagined it (with a guy not girl) At the same time though my relationship/date number is also 1 (Unreleated to each other) therefore I would love to have the confidence to get out there and meet someone. Could be a date, possible relationship or even just upping my number.

    Briona87 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 1052
    • Joined: 29 Jun 2014

    Never had sex, never got a kiss, never had a date... and I do not expect this will ever change... Well, at least I have my bike, my books, music records and my sex toy collection...

    Lovehoney - Dani [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major General
    • Posts: 134
    • Joined: 18 Feb 2015

    17 so far, all men, none of whom I regret shagging and many of whom I am still friends with.

    I've been a few guys' first encounter, and a few guys' nothing-close-to-first and everything in between and I can't say it has a great deal of bearing on whether we click in bed or not. In my experience it doesn't even necessarily make them a better communicator of what they enjoy, so I don't think there's much to the numbers game - every experience is a new and blank canvas for sexual enjoyment!

    bigfoot [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Captain
    • Posts: 8
    • Joined: 15 Oct 2012

    I have only had one partner, we have been together for 32 years. :)

    Penny26 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 1578
    • Joined: 4 Feb 2015


    HornyOwl [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Colonel
    • Posts: 33
    • Joined: 4 Nov 2013

    I've been in a long term relationship since I could walk (not quite that long, but childhood sweethearts!) so just the one.

    RetroSpazzKat [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 79
    • Joined: 29 Aug 2014


    thedevils-little-helper [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major
    • Posts: 121
    • Joined: 28 May 2015

    5 :)

    Sarah122 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant
    • Posts: 2
    • Joined: 13 Oct 2013

    Slept with over 50 men but only had one one night stand because he was weird and clingy and kinda creeped me out. Kissed a few girls but I don't cheat. Just had a lot of very good fuck budies during my single times... And I look after myself if you know what I mean. Work hard play hard. I like sex at least 7x a week

    VR [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Brigadier
    • Posts: 251
    • Joined: 11 Jul 2015

    My ex-husband, my current husband and the "am I missing out on something" shag in between.

    Most people who knew me as a youngster are truly taken aback and quite disbelieving when I tell them as I was so sexually "advanced" at a young age (not to mention a bit wild!).

    beautifulrainfall [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major
    • Posts: 94
    • Joined: 17 Dec 2014

    My sex life has been very complicated for the number of people in it haha

    I've actually had sex with 2 guys and 2 girls but I've 'played' with quite a few more (bdsm play).

    Sidenote: I met the first guy I slept with online, he introduced me to the girl, we all slept together, then she introduced me to the second guy and we had a threesome, I then just started sleeping with him and then he introduced me to the final girl and we had all slept together.

    VioletWolf [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 1197
    • Joined: 25 Jun 2014

    As far as other people know, 9. Think it's actually 13, all men. Half have been relationships, other half have been fuck buddies and one night stands

    Cvimes [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Officer Cadet
    • Posts: 1
    • Joined: 26 Mar 2015

    3 women and 7 men

    hunk a hunk of burning love [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant
    • Posts: 14
    • Joined: 11 Jun 2006

    No idea due to many many visits to clubs and saunas

    Miss Pussycat [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major General
    • Posts: 164
    • Joined: 26 Dec 2009

    I actually don't know, have never worked it out.

    Is that bad?

    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 7166
    • Joined: 7 Jan 2014

    About 20 but my present one is for keeps !

    Stephen Walker [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major
    • Posts: 33
    • Joined: 2 Apr 2014

    Only one & that's my Wife.

    AT1 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Captain
    • Posts: 37
    • Joined: 19 Dec 2014

    Don't judge me too badly, but the first person I slept with is my wife, I had so many opportunitues as a youngster to play around but I was scared and was waiting for the right one. Few years later I then met again and married my wife, we went this way for almost 10 years. My insecurity got the better of me, I knew early on she had had about a dozen lovers before me, which I had no issue with but I made it an issue. At the age of about 40 this became an issue (for me), not her. I ended up sleeping with several prostitutes to try and even up the numbers, then guilt got the better of me and I told her, and she told me to sleep with as many as I needed to even it up (What a woman). I carried on, and have probably now slept with about 20 women, and then it hit me. I've paid 19 women to have sex with me, the only one that matters is my wife, I could get to 1000 and 999 would be empty, the only one will count is my wife. It's not about the numbers, it's about the intimacy, and that's what hurts, I never bared my sould to anyone but her, I am jealous of the emotional moments they may have shared with her, not the physical, but that took me a long time to discover, so don't worry about the numbers game.

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