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  1. Colloquial Euphemisms

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    I was chatting to a chap today and he used the funniest expression. He refered to a bj as a Julio (as promounced Hulio). He lived in Spain for a year and apparently it was what all his Spanish friends refered to bjs as.

    It got me thinking - what funny words do you use in your region or locale for private parts or sex acts?

    Here in Ireland we're pretty much the same as the UK. However, a few unique phrases we might have...

    to ride - to have sex with

    to get your bit - to have sex with

    to be with (commonly as 'will you be with my mate') - to kiss

    gee / gooter / goot - vagina

    micky / knob / lad - penis

    Aqualaria [sign in to see picture]
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    Had a fun hor getting ready for work remembering some. If I remember any more during the day, I will post them later. Some are older, some current (some both).

    icing the cake - cumming over her pussy or muff

    a Sherbet Dib Dab - a shag

    take her up the Gary - anal, via mockney rhyming slang

    do her up the Anneka - anal, referring to Anneka Rice's rear as seen in Treasure Hunt

    a nice pair of Annabels - big boobs, referring to Annabel Croft's boobs as seen in Treasure Hunt

    Jam and Cream - cumming in her pussy whilst she is menstruating

    Jammy Dodger - having anal rather than pussy because she is menstruating

    a champagne fountain - a golden shower

    Juicy Lucy - her pussy becoming incredibly wet very quickly

    nailing her - any position where she is flat on the bed and he drives down into her

    a Cannon and Ball - a blow job where she constantly plays with the balls

    a Bakewell Tart - lady who has cum all over her boobs (her nipples are the cherries)

    has Scarlett Fever - likes to be spanked (as in making the bum scarlett)

    Obviously, I use her for an example, as most of these could be applied to anyone.

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    I have heard a lot of foul and moronic sounding colloquialisms (seriously people in Northern Ireland SOUND stupid even when they're not -_-), not too sure on many sexual ones though...

    Get her bucked, ahha he bucked her so he did- something along the lines of 'you should have sex with that lady', 'he had sex with that lady (usually in an outraged manner, as in 'why did you have sex with someone like her'?'

    Are ye goin steady or casual?- are you actually committed to your 'girl/boyfriend' or would you like to also partake in sexual activity with me right now?

    Will ye meet me? Did ye meet her aye? - Will you snog me behind the bar? Did you go behind the bar and snog her?

    Did ye get yer hole last night? - Did you have sex last night?

    The list goes on...lol

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    Northern Ireland slang is the worst!

    Back when I was teenager we used these:

    Fridge-someone who is a virgin
    Freezer-someone who has never kissed
    To face-to snog/kiss with tongues
    Fudge packer-you can probably guess what this means...

    Really awful, thankfully though since I've left school I haven't heard any of these used!

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