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  1. Advice for taking large toys

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    Hello everyone.

    My other half and I recently purchased this monster:


    Partly because my OH wanted to play with it, largely to shut me up as I was desperate to see how muich see could take. We've played with some quite big toys, but nothing quite to this size. (In case you can't tell by the measurements, this thing is MASSIVE.)

    Anyway, for the last three or four nights, after we've had sex so she's nice and lubed up, we tried to see how much of the toy she could take. Obviously, we're taking it slow, not forcing anything and applying plenty of lube, but at the moment she's getting to roughly the same point and not being able to take anymore. This point is right as the head is about to enter her. A few millimeters more and she'd be able to start taking its length. She still gets off on the little bit thats inside her though, so it's not a case of not being willing.

    I've looked at the Lovehoney advice for larger toys and a few other tips but (no offense) neither really offered any sound advice about it. So does anyone have any tips/positions etc. that may help her take a little bit more?

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    My wife and i enjoy very large toys and fisting. it is about taking things easy and not forcing anything. Plenty of lube is required and I would suggest plenty of foreplay as well if new to such large toys. Start out with slighlty smaller dildos and also your hand slowly building up to more fingers etc.

    Having had babies can help a bit as well.

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