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  1. Advice for a virgin

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    Hey guys so Ivery recently started seeing someone and last night he fingered me. As a virgin, this was a first and although it felt eventually good to me when he took his fingers out there was a bit of blood and I've continued to spot into today. Does this mean my hymen has been broken/torn?

    I've also got this toy:http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28575 will using it help to stretch me out before next time and sex? As I've only just been using it for clitoral stimulation so far.

    Any tips or advice would be appreciated

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    Hi congrats on your new relationship.

    if you don't use tampons or have not played penetratively then the bit of spotting could well be your hymen.

    Dont be in a rush to jump into bed with anyone, just take your time. Does he know that you are a virgin? If he doesn't I think he should, it will help him to take things slowly with you.

    I don't think it's a case of being stretched enough to accommodate a toy fingers or a penis, it's more a case of being relaxed and aroused. If your nervouse it will be harder to relax and therefore your less likely to accommodate penetration comfortably.

    As tou have the toy already why not watch a it of porn to get you in the mood then gently slip a finger in. Just one, (remember short nails). Slowly slide it up and down, you will soon find that you have popped a second finger in without thinking about it. When you start to get more aroused and/or wet, then perhaps even this is the time to bring the toy in to play. On a low setting to start with would probably be best. Be gentle with smooth strokes, not thrusting like a sword. Hopefully you will start to relax and enjoy yourself.

    Make sure you have plenty of time, a spot of lube might be a good idea, and relax and enjoy yourself. If you start to get to know what different things feel like then I'm sure you will start to enjoy some of it. Once you have found something that you like that turns you on maybe then you can ask your man to do it to you.

    Please take your time, tell him your a virgin, and be safe.

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