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    Well errrrr thats good . I did advise you to keep an eye on her.!

    Well I reckon its your turn now and fairs fair .Thats how sometimes we do role plays I go and then you go .That way both of you get your fantasies worked out.Whilst I am biassed to roleplays but IMO it will add another dimension to your sex life and a fun one too.

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    der wrote:

    Hi guys. An update😊
    we tried role play in a pub. Which was good. But she was chatted up by another guy. Nothing happened, but we both found it a big turn on. Where do we go from here!

    I think you need to understand what it was about the experience that turned you both on. I'm guessing that it will be different for each of you.

    Once you understand what you enjoyed you will both be in a better position to discuss what more (if anything) you want to do/ how far to take it.

    Just remember that communication is key here - I've seen relationships go wrong when one party fails to ask and listen to the other and feelings have been supressed.

    I don't know where this is going to lead you both but to be enjoyable, and to avoid upset, both of you need to agree to it.


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    My partner and I sometimes have sex without talking to have that "stranger" experience. I think starting that scenerio out in a hotel bar and heading up to the room as a role play would be hot.

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    Would love to do something like this but my OH is a bit shy, starting to come out of her shell now so fingers crossed!!!!!

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    Hi. From what I have been reading,seems a lot of guys like this kind of thing!

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