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    My first time was sort of anticipated... As the chat with my ex fb got onto the subject of anal, and I had said I had tried years ago, but hated it. He got onto how good it would be to try...( a few more saucy descriptions later... I was actually warming to the idea as it was really turning me on thinking about it)
    When I had more of an idea we were going to hook up, I found that I was eating light/ almost nothing in the day run up... So I had a pretty empty system...and I had already got a douche too.
    I used it in the hour run up to meeting ...and we got together, and I ended up having the most turned on sex in a long while ( vaginally)
    I was then asked to go doggy and elbows on the bed and relax( remember.. Already had a lot of stimulating action to get really in the mood) he had one hand with a gentle firm pressure in the small of my back..while he started with a finger...let me get used to it.. And breathe steady throughout. Once that was OK...he went to 2 ... Then went in himself. He was not a small lad at anyone's count, so I was somewhat surprised how easy it was to get to take him. I was with no lube as well( didn't prep that far ahead!) And it was still possible. Once over the initial sensation, it was easy to take him on proper.
    It is worth it in the end, and he did go my speed.... That's essential
    You might find it is a bit tender afterward, but remember you can poop a sodding huge poop...so your fella will be no different, only going up against the traffic ....so to speak😊😉
    By douching , putting down a towel and keeping your mind to try it as well, you stand a better chance of enjoying the experience.

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