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  1. how much on average do you spend per order?

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    sorry for starting a new thread but i couldnt see one like this (the how much have u spent on toys didnt seem the right place).

    so today and yesterday i recived my 2 orders from lovehoney and inside of both was the VIP codes to get £10 off when you spend over £50 on your nexr order.

    and this got me wondering how much does everyone on avarage spend on there orders?

    my maxium order has been around £30 but i normaly always spend alot less normaly under £20 so sadly these codes are no good for me as i can never afforde to spend that much in one go and i was thinking if people like me spend less if there could be a code that if you spent £20 or £25 you could get £5 off or maybe a small discount?

    LH are fab anyway with there brilliant prices and good deals on things along with lots of comps and review products.

    its all just been a thought


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