1. Thoughts On Older Woman Dating Younger Men

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    i can't comment on m/f age gap relationships, but my D/s relationship at the moment is with a woman almost 20 years older than me (i'm 29, she's 47) - her experience and knowledge not only about sex but in general are the things that turn me on the most about her, and as my Domme she is always able to outwit me, which i love

    i think age gaps are fine if both sides are happy with it then there's no problem :)

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    My hubby is 6 years younger than me - I dont really think of the age difference until something like this prompts me to do so :)

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    Lots of great replies from the ever helpful LH crowd so thank you! ☺ My mind is constantly changing depending on what mood I'm in (naughty or good!), so I think I shall see how things go & how persistant they are. I'm long overdue some fun & as long as nobody gets hurt, maybe it's about time I had some!

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    I really don't think you should worry what people think. Do whatever makes you happy and if you have fun along the way then fantastic :)
    Who cares what society thinks is the norm, as long as its legal and above board have fun! :) x

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    whoever you are, whatever you do, where-ever you go, there will always be a contingent of people who look down their nose at you. This is their pregogative, and no real concern of yours, since the only people whose opinion matters are the two of you (plus any dependants either of you might have)

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    I always used to say that your partner shouldn't be old enough to be your parent, however, last year I started dating a man who is a couple of years older than both of my parents and so is 31 years older than me. We had a lot of stigma and hatred thrown at us and we questioned if what we was doing was wrong. We thought ALOT about what we was doing and it was mainly because of societies pressures that big age gaps are something weird.
    I guess dating an older man is different though to dating a younger man, the questions my partner got for dating someone younger was things like "what if she wants to start a family?" "Is it just a bit of fun?" "Don't you find she's immature?" He was even congratulated by the lads at work as though I was some kind of prize. Younger guys (Im 25 and I think most guys my age) can be quite immature and are just looking for a shag.
    It is all down to personal opinions and feelings, if you decide to meet up with a younger guy you may feel the same connection as you would with someone older or you may instantly think its a bad idea, always go with your gut feeling.

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