1. Fun with Ice

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    Loads with ice as said freeze glass toys... on a hot summer evening will chill a small water spray in freezer and sit outside in sheer white clothing as oh sprays my clothing for an erotic image.. as its such a contrast to heat ... this all adds into forepay as we have exhibitionist inclinations lol xx
    Also ice on one nippe as hot wax dripped on another... the early beginning of sensory overload for later that evening x

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    Love ice cold glass dildos anally, not so keen vaginally though. Ice on nipples or ice on clit ? Love, it - just ice cold things inside my vagina dont do it for me :(

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    strapon_banana wrote:

    My partner once froze a key in ice and suspended it above me, with my hands cuffed and using the hitaching wand orgasm belt he left me, i was forced to endure orgasm after orgasm untill the key droped from the ice and i could free myself. It was an incredibly erotic expeiance

    Ooo I like the sound of that... will leave that idea laying around xxx
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    My OH once gave me oral sex with the aide of an ice cube, he slipped it inside me then set about the task. I'm really sensitive to cold temperature play, and it felt great.

    We don't play with ice all that often together, but my solo play regularly uses temperature play. I have a set of magnaetic hematite kegal balls that I often put in the fridge before play (ina plastic bag obviously. I have a glass dildo that also goes in the fridge regularly before play, sometimes in the freezer, but not for too long.

    Cold sensation heightens my sense of touch and I love it penetratively, it's less fun on the outside.


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    Done that with a cold glass vibrator, it is great, got to try it to believe it. Enjoy

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