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  1. Help.....Mum is being nosey!

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    I'm kinda shocked at the lack of privacy. I sometimes get parcels sent to my parents house if I don't want the kids to see and she never asks what they contain.

    My kids,however....whenever I get a parcel sent to our home address the kids go nuts wanting to know what's in it & I'm like....argh!!!!

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    Not euphemism no, never did find the snake either :(

    Never know [sign in to see picture]
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    VirginAngel wrote:

    Not euphemism no, never did find the snake either :(

    There's a snake in my boot!

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    Sometimes it's the way you say 'nothing' that give it away that it's actually something.

    Here's a list of possible fake items if they really have no idea its sex toys.

    1. Plant Seeds

    2. Some stationary

    3. Tea samples

    4. Beaswax - for candle making

    5. Mostly polistyrine, and one of the above

    6. Chocolate :)

    7. Underware

    8. Tell the truth, might iron some things out

    9. Capet samples

    10. A present for my friend bob, like a joke T-shirt or something

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    Ruby Red Slippers wrote:

    Lovehoney - Paige wrote:

    Maybe you could consider getting things delivered to the post office for you to pick up?

    I get into a similar situation sometimes- working at Lovehoney and still living at home I feel like my parents should expect me to have some sex toys to be fair haha so I don't *hide* them. If she wanted to open the box she could and I would be fine for her to do so.. her moral of the lesson would be don't go snooping to see my goodies!

    I hope you don't mind me asking (please don't feel obliged to answer) but how did your parents react to you getting a job at Lovehoney? Do they ask about what you do or is it a sort of don't ask don't tell situation?

    I remember watching More Sex Please We're British and there was a woman measuring the anal depth of a sex doll and I wondered what she'd say if someone asked her 'what did you do at work today?"

    They werent too phased to be honest, they actually had a giggle and had a snoop on the website and a little look at live chat- They also watched all of Frisky Business :) 

    It's not your 'typical' job but at the end of the day, i'm in a job that I love and i'm happy so thats all that matters!

    As for complete strangers/new people I meet I will tend to hold off telling them until I know them a little better. 

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    The only time my dad (it is far more practical for me to get any parcels delivered to my parents' rather than to my flat in Prague) actually inquired what was in my LH parcel (and he has actually already signed for a few of them, for those "more pricey" orders that got sent via FedEx - the stuff that gets send via Royal Mail is only delivered if it is small enough to fit inside a letterbox, when it comes to larger parcels, I just get a notice I should collect my stuff from the local post office) was when he found a small padded envelope with a "Royal Mail" sticker in our letterbox, and that was purely because he thought it was so light it must be empty.

    Knowing the product inside was totally inoffensive (, I simply opened it in front of him, telling it was a lacy top. I took it out, he had a look and asked: "That is something you women wear?" I rolled my eyes, saying: "Yep, shouldn't we?" He did not say anything but his expression indicated he thought it was just a silly, frilly bit of fabric nonsense. And he went to read his newspaper, having lost any interest.

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