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  1. Why is my G spot hiding from me??

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    Foxxy wrote:

    Try having a clitoral orgasm before trying with your G-Spot, you'll find it much easier when you're totally aroused. The come hither motion works better if someone else does it for you, they can generally apply more pressure & move faster than you can when trying to do it to yourself. Helping hands also means you can stimulate the clitoris simultaneously if you want to, perhaps aiming for a blended orgasm at first will be easier. Don't give up, it's there! :-)

    This :) fantastic advice x
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    Hmm I'll give the pillow a try that wwould make sense as to where the g spot is situated :) Lady Ness how weird is pregnancy and why is it doing this to me :'( lol It turns perfectly sane women insane!! dotdashdot it takes a bit of patience for me to cum normally with clitoral stimulation so maybe it's the same for g spot lol? I can't wait to find mine properly! x

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    Lady Ness wrote:

    I've noticed my G-spot to move during stages of my pregnancy and the position of my baby. This is something to keep in mind. With muscles relaxing, and things pushing this way and that, it maybe harder to reach than when you're not pregnant.

    Ooh I'm glad u wrote this... I thought mine was broke, position of it is now different after having children.. Only slightly but it is different... Took a while after my last child to find mine again and a long time to cum that way again x
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    Also you may find it in a slightly different place or softer and harder during your monthly cycle, depending on ovulation and when you are about to come on etc.

    But yeagh, pregnancy does funny things to the body.

    My best advice to find your g-spot is to insert a couple of fingers vaginall and slowly curve towards your stomach and drag them outwardsas you clench your pelvic floor muscles. Generally you'll notic it hard to pull your fingers when you're closer to your G-spot.

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