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  1. Treat for the Mrs


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    Lovehoney - Paige wrote:

    Romance her socks off I say!

    Some massage oil, rose petals, massager, tickler, blindfold, silky restraints, maybe a game of Monogamy!

    I just wanted to say be careful when using massage oil/candles while pregnant as some of them contain essential oils that can be harmful in pregnancy.
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    After the baby is born you will both be tired and won't be up for anything except sleep! Go now!

    I booked a fancy hotel for us before our first and as we arrived we had to turn around and go back to hospital. The hotel were kind enough to refund us but we never got our baby moon!

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    As a father myself and looking back " As you Wish" is 100% correct .

    When the baby is born your wifes maternal instincts and In my case a new psyche will take over. You may be pushed out a little but don't feel threatened this is normal . But activly support your Mrs and the new little one . I even changed nappies and fed my son with the bottle . There will be very little time for sex. whilst all this is going on.You will have time for cuddles though and your wife will welcome them .

    A good tip though if there are very supportive grand parents in the background then they may take the little one off your hands for a while , it may give you chance to get some time together and get away.

    Then perhaps then you can start thinking about toys etc.

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    As a woman here is my advice. Having the first baby is so hard on a woman physically and emtionally. Be prepared for her hormones to be totally out of wack! Because of hormonal changes I experienced dryness post childbirth so you may need to plan for extra lubrication for her. (I am sure all women are different but non of my girlfriends warned me of this.)

    Also, make sure you give her plenty of time to heal, regardless of type of bith you have it will be a while before she can have sex. So I think you planning out in advance is an excellent idea. Also taking her away from your house to really enjoy one another is brilliant because it takes her away from all the day to day with the baby and household stuff.

    Physically childbirth changes a woman's body! I obviously don't know your SO but if she is feeling less than confident about her body think about ways to focus on her in ways that help her feel confident. Possibly buy her some new lingerie keeping in mind her size may be different. Something that flows and gives room around the mid section would be good.

    Also, make sure this overnight stay is not her first time away from the baby... or she may have a hard time focusing on the purpose of the night away because it is hard to leave the baby the first few times.

    Make this evening all about you as a couple, avoid baby discussions. I love the earlier post about romance for her. Maybe you want to renact your first date or something that is special for you as a couple? I love massage oil candles, a spa bath / bubble bath and just sheer relaxation and mood setting. Depending on how far you are out from the birth you may need to go slow or she may respond differently but if you are focused on making her feel sexy and secure as a woman it will be wonderful for you as a couple and new parents.

    Congrats on the baby to be and best wishes. Hope my post is helpful.

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