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  1. Tips for first time female solo anal play?

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    Hey, I made a thread previously on specific questions I had in terms of douching. but now wondering if anyone has tips for a begginer. I am a female and have ordered my first ever anal sex toy, (the deal of the day anal toy) will be only doing solo play.

    I've bought some lube aswell, but does anyone have tips on how to make it feel good or better? Most people have told me that anal hurts and I should stick to just vaginal play...

    What should I expect?

    oneofthesedays [sign in to see picture]
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    It shouldn't hurt if you go slow and use plenty of lube. Also relax! In the same way that being tense can make vaginal penetration uncomfortable, it can make anal play uncomfortable too. Lovehoney have a beginner's guide to anal sex here


    and while it is focused on partnered anal sex, there's useful information in there for solo play as well.

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    Anal only hurts if you do it wrong.

    If you search up the top you'll find absolutely loads of threads on beginning anal, making anal better...everything anal really :)

    It's pretty simple to make things go smoothly for a first try though. Loads of lube on both you and the toy. Relax,  play with yourself in your usual way for a while to ensure full relaxation. Try not to anticipate pain as you can make yourself tense up, there won't be pain with all that lube! Take it slow, breathe, and tease yourself with the tip of the toy or your finger, whichever feels more comfortable. When you're ready, slip it in and away you go. Give yourself time to adjust to the new sensations and don't expect it to feel mind blowingly pleasurable on your first try, it'll probably feel weird at first. The little 'pop' the beads on your toy will make may feel especially odd! If at any point you feel discomfort, back off and work out if you need to relax yourself or lube yourself more. That's about it, really! You've chosen a nice, small toy to start off with so seriously pain won't be an issue if you just relax, take it slow and listen to your body :)

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