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    paulsballs wrote:

    A friend has come up with a new sort of danger w--k although more of a dangerous one in my opinion.

    Masturbating with deep heat and seeing if you can come before the heat gets to much.

    Well recently I got quite a strange chilling sensation when my partner was playing with my clit...realized he must have had some of the " deep freeze" gel for his knee on his fingers!! Was quite an interesting sensation😄
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    Done this many times, the danger is huge but the thrill is fantastic!

    I'm successful I'd say 8 times out of 10, it's my girlfriend who wanks me most of the time, public places include a local park bench, the bar of our local night club and a bj under the desk in my office!

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    Every day I masturbate I run the risk of my 5 yr old catching me in the bedroom with toys going. I'm sometimes in there several times a day at the moment. I'm scared of being caught by him and having to explain what I'm doing but I'm not deterred. I do avoid solo time when my mum stays though her hearing is too keen.

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    Ive managed to come whilst in the back of the car with my parents in front (at night though). Me and my boyfriend mysteriously decided we needed to make our coats into a blanket....

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