1. What was your best/worst experience

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    Omg memories come rushing back
    Cant choose too many for different reasons

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    At the start of my relationship I was bad at saying no so a lot of the sex was painful because I wasn't in the mood. The worst was probably a blowjob I gave the morning after a night out because I felt hungover and my boyfriend smelt *ahem* less than rosy. Pretty sure I cried afterwards.

    The best sex...I don't think I've had it yet but I was super close to orgasm during penetration once until my roomate ruined the mood by asking me about the bins through the door :') The first time my boyfriend came inside me was pretty awesome too

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    mysteron wrote:

    This one was more of a most embarrasement really. But was the worst case I could think of .

    I was 16 at the time and my gf was 15. We were enjoying some heavy petting and she was rubbing me down below . She decided to undo my chinos and pull them down slightly and therefore releasing me .As soon as she rubbed me some more with her hand I came as my gran entered the room and with it being my first time ( I kid you not) sprayed my Gfs corduroy dress with a lot of white stuff. My gran walked out in embarrasement . My gf made a hasty retreat to the loo to try and remove the whitestuff which we all know stains very easily and we all know corduroy is very difficult to get clean as well becausse of the ridges.

    To make matters worse we had to sit around the table for Easter Sundy roast. My gf with a red face and wet patches all over her dress and me just red faced .No one would make a comment but the looks I got off my mother and father made it very very unpleasant..

    I often laugh now about this with my current partner and Mrs but I wished the earth would just swallowed me up back then .

    I hate to be that guy, but you might want to check the forum rules before posting, life starts at 18 on Lovehoney. Just be careful when posting guys, don't want to get ourselves reported!

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    One of my best times was with a dominant partner, the heavy petting was to die for, I gave him the best blow job, whilst adding in gently the odd bit of rimming here and there. I got my fella on his all fours and with one hand on wrapped tightly round his length, my other hand was firmly on his ass grabbing him tightly as I flicked my tongue from the base of his balls right the way back using differing techniques with my tongue to give a whole variety of sensations. The exhilaration in his voice was amazing and such a turn on to hear.

    Another time was my walk in fxxk and leave, I knew he was on his way and couldn't wait to feel him and hold him. The sex was mad, passionate, hard and absolutely amazing. As soon as we finished we got dressed and he left with a big smile....

    I could keep going and going......

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    My best worst time was actually not that bad, but being both very young (over18, though) and experimenting new positions, one of the times we tried doggy some air got into her and got out sounding like a fart. We had such a laughing attack (we were so surprised we both laughed for 5 minutes) that we didn't even finish. At least we learned in a funny way, and it did not put us off for trying it again later.

    One of my best times (my best time includes a substance that is not legal in this country but it is in places like Amsterdam, where it happened, so I will leave it there) was the first time they finished me with a blowjob inside the mouth, until then I had a kind of mental block to finish there, it opened a new frontier to me.

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    Best sex I've had was a one night stand with a guy that I hooked up with in a club. He was a friend of a friend, I found him annoying and I wasn't particularly attracted to him. But we had a few drinks and ended up kissing and... holy crap! There was so much electricity between us. And the sex was amazing.

    Worst time... probably when I has sex with a friend. It was awkward and not particularly great and I came on my period half way through. Cringe!

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    MissBrownEyes92 wrote:

    Hmmmmm worst would have to be when my boyfriend took 'domination' to far and drugged me up and raped me.... (sorry for the TMI)

    Best would have to be the first time i ever tried bondage. It was only like my third partner and i'd not really had much sex before that. I was at his house and was in bed watching finding nemo (of all things!!! not very romantic i know haha) and he came into the bed beside me and spooned me so i could feel him hard against my back then put his hands over and blindfolded me with a silk tie. Then rolled me onto my back and straddled me and refused to let me touch him or myself then worked his way from my neck down...;) need i say more there! He also squeezed body paint all over me that had been kept in the fridge so it was the whole cold/warm thing! That was also my first oral, i'd never let a guy go down on me before. Then he finished it inside me and we actually came together and as we done that only then did he take the tie off and let me touch him...just WOW... i totally would love to find another partner who would treat me like that. mmmm :)

    I'm really sorry to hear you went through something like that. I'm also really pleased you were strong enough to not let it stop you enjoying sex, and allowing you to discover yourself sexually. You're amazing, and an inspiration. Truly. X
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    For me, my worst would easily be with the guy I first slept with. Not once on any occasion did I feel any pleasure at all. He was boring. His technique was awful, and he Really needed to discover Lovehoney!!! I think one thing that made it worse, was that he was convinced he was some sex god. Ha. As if!

    My best? A night of completely spontaneous, passion filled sex with my fiance. We are so in sync, that we just somehow knew exactly what eachother needed and wanted. It was amazing. The spontaneity aided the fire behind the passion, too. I loved that. There were no toys, no restraints, no nothing. Just stripped bare. Just us. Perfect.

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    I've never been able to get much out of sex personally, but I'll be cheeky since the title didn't specify sex and say that the many times Agent Scully blew my mind when I was a right-handed teenager are still fresh in my memory :)

    As for the worst, I paid for sex once (in my efforts to find a formula that might work for me I thought sex with a stranger might be kinky) and after 30 minutes I was still nowhere near orgasm.

    My quest is beginning to seem hopeless but continues nevertheless....

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    Worst - one of my ex's loved anal however he was rough, didn't see the need to have me totally relaxed and wasn't really bothered about making it pleasurable for me. Couple of occassions i would be asking him to stop but he carried on until he had finished.....god knows why i stayed with him as long as i did.

    Best - Current bf, we have had lots of amazing sessions but one of my faves was the first time he went down on me, could hear him enjoying it too which really turned me on....he made me cum then carried on until i did again, never had a guy before who was so concerned with pleasing me.

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    Worst, by far, was the second time my wife and I tried anal. The first time we'd both been pretty drunk and it had gone quite well The second time we were much more sober and she was lying face down and really - or so I thought - getting into it. Turns out she was crying. I stopped immediately and felt like an utter monster for really quite a long time.

    The best is with the same woman. It's probably not the most frequent or the most energetic sex I've ever had but it is the most satisfying over all levels - emotionally, and so physically.

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    This might be TMI so yeah, warning and whatnot.

    Worst would have to be the time I tore my frenulum. Everything was going fine, but I felt a small pain when thrusting and thought I just went too hard. So I just slowed down and carried on like normal, she asked me to stop after a while because she started feeling sick for some reason, pulled out and realised there was blood everywhere. It looked like a murder scene!

    I felt awful, not just because of how much blood I'd lost and how much pain I was in during the healing process but because It was so early into my relationship and it was one of the first times I'd ever had sex. Here I am finally meeting a woman who is more than I could have ever hoped for and I've bled in and all over her a few months after meeting! Luckily she didn't care, she was far more concerned about me than anything else and she took really good care of me afterwards.

    The best is every single time we're together. Which unfortunately isn't as often as we'd like.

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    Best probably just great pounding rough sex with a girl who seemed to have a magic vagina.

    Worst; one girls pussy stunk of jalepenos, I had to stop myself from been sick make some excuse about being tired and get outa there.

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    Worst - I had been chatting up this woman for weeks, taking her out, doing all the nice things and eventually we ended up in bed together. Maybe she wasn't really interested in me but she just lay there, didn't move much, didn't make a sound and didn't really join in.

    I felt so empty afterwards and wished that if she hadn't wanted to go to bed with me that she'd just said so. Needless to saywe didn't see each other after that.

    Best sex was with my OH before we were married. We were at a group dinner in a pub, she wore a black roll top jumper, short green tartan skirt, stockings and heels. We kept looking at each other all evening, the electricity was palpable. When we got back to her maisonette we just fell through the door and tore each others clothes off and shagged in the hall way - we couldn't wait any longer.

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    BigBen1987 wrote:

    Best probably just great pounding rough sex with a girl who seemed to have a magic vagina.

    Worst; one girls pussy stunk of jalepenos, I had to stop myself from been sick make some excuse about being tired and get outa there.

    A magic vagina? Did she pull a rabbit out? On a side BigBe1987 I see from your profile you regard yourself as well endowed, and out of your 11 posts half of them have been proclaiming your massive length/impressive girth. I am of the humble opinion that the only well endowed aspect of you is your ego, and that you are in fact a twat.
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    I can think of my worst it happend some years ago
    It happend at Christmas time I was round the gf parents place where we were in her room where she wanted to give a slow well you know lol apon doing this she was waving her legs up an down till she hit her foot on the bottom of the bed which lead her to bite it she bite it that hard it bled an ever since that day its never worked since

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    Worse - the guy I lost my virginity to, he thought good oral sex involved spelling out the alphabet with his tongue over the whole vulva.

    The best... not an actual session, but three moments with one singular guy.

    I had a hang up over performing oral sex for years, for icky personal reasons. I finally managed to it with A, and he was really sweet, let me go at my own pace and was really patient and good with me.

    The second was also with A. We tend to have wild mad sex in all sorts of positions, but once we just did it in missionary, and that was sensual and kind of soul grabbing.

    The third was when he made me squirt four times in a row, multiple orgasms, you name it. That was another first!

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    best fucking a stranger in front of her partner in a sauna

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    Worst: having sex with someone who was a friend, and friends with my ex. Was a bad judgement call and on top of that he was vanilla, boring, inattentive and quick. He was also a terrible kisser. Yuk.

    Best: with my OH several years ago (tho this passed weekend was close!)... It involved some amazing 69, a large glass dildo, silk gloves and red lipstick, which I don't normally wear - HOT. For fear of being banned, I'll leave it there. :P

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    Worst was when I was 18. I worked at a riding stables and had been fooling around with a guy who also worked there for a while. One afternnon (stables were closed) he wanted to take things further. I agreed that he could tie me up and gag in the barn and have sex. This was actually great but afterwards he started laughing at me, refused to untie me and walked off and left me there, tied up, gagged and naked, for my boss to find me that evening, I couldn't move or scream for help. It had of course got dark in the meantime and I was terrified, could here the damn rats scurrying around etc - not to mention the humiliation :(

    Best was definitely the first time my oh tied me up and spanked the living daylights out of me and then spent ages kissing and rubbing my bum better :)

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