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  1. Profile Ideas: Guestbook + Viewer Count + Last Log in

    Imogen Arie [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello Lovelings!

    I'm a active member on numerous forums and I've realised that lovehoney could add one or two features to our profiles to make them a little more interactive:

    1. Comment Box/Guestbook:

    A guestbook feature on our profiles where users can leave comments I think would be awesome. Want to tell someone about their awesome review? or just to wish a stranger or friend a happy birthday then you can.

    *Ofcourse the user will be able to approve which comments are made public to whoever views their profile*

    2. Profile view count:

    Just a little counter that tells you how many people viewed your profile in the last 24 hours.

    *option to turn off*

    Last Log in/Sign in:

    Show your last logg in date and time *option to turn off*

    What do you guys think? Feel free to add to any of three suggestions.

    - Imogen Arie

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