1. Annoying Sex What Would You Do?


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    + 1 loverbird

    This man obviously suffers from erectile dysfunction witch yes can be frustrating for the women but can you imagine how he feels?

    My partner suffered from ED for quite sometime
    (a side effect from his heart problems) and it takes time and patiences as well as understanding and caring.

    If your not willing to give him this then I suggest you move on and let him do the same.


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    I agree with Lovebird.

    You probably need a talk with him and encourage him. It may be something psychological that is stopping him .

    Sometimes you being on top and riding him may help and the use of a cock ring .There are also herbal type tablets you could try . LH stock some varieties .

    However go easy on him if you are in a relationship and try different things and see if you can work it out.

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    Personally, if it is JUST fun and sex, and no feelings for one another, I'd maybe just settle on being friends. It definitely sounds like too much trouble for just a "fuck buddy" thats the point. You're supposed to get fucked... not watch him jack off and let him use you as a cum dumpster. It works on both parts, you're BOTH supposed to enjoy it. X

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