1. ladys who can gush/squirt does it happen fast or does it take time?

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    Can take me around 5ish minutes but for my husband around 10 minutes I can use toys and fingers. I can squirt from clit play too.

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    I'm still trying to attain the squirt, my oh can easily make me gush especially through oral and finger stimulation. Really want to squirt and know I've been so so close but just can't quite seem to get there. Enjoying the practising though

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    Yesterday was great maybe because i made this thread lol but she gushed so fast and it was a soaking gushing,And it only took 2 minutes,I think she was very horny we just looked at each other and smiled and admired her soaking underwear+ bed sheet and mattress.

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    I so want to be able to do this but with no joy :-( I have only ever came threw stimulating my clit, I can feel the g spot and can get worked up with it but have never came with gspot alone, any toys for g spot you would recommend

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    my ex girlfriend 10 years ago was my first gusher happen just playing... sins then every girl av been with sins I can get them gushing some fight the feeling and need to feel relaxed with each other but ones you get comfortable with the feeling I like a multiple squirting sesh as for play when we have a good nite

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    teacake wrote:

    I was never trying to get my partner to gush it just happened one time while messing around one day,She can gush within 10 minutes of me fingering her,I dont know if having a child has made it easier for her. We were talking the other day how she can gush so quickly and she asked does it take time for most women???

    Hey Teacake

    I found it impossible to squirt before I had children, but since then - it's much easier! I can do it much easier with Mr. Spider's fingers rather than a toy, it can 5 mins or 30 mins - depending on how cruel he's feeling, lol, the longer it takes, the better the feeling and the bigger the squirt. If he makes me do it quickly, it's not a very intense feeling, but if he builds up slowly, getting me almost there, then stopping... then the squirt will be more intense and feel like a huge orgasm. He's the same - though if I make him come quickly it doesn't feel anywhere near as good as a long slow build up.

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    For us it just happened. But only because my partner did his research online and knee exactly what spot to hit. relaxation is key. Take your time and just enjoy it

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    I had never gushed until a few weeks ago but really wanted to as it is a huge turn on for me. I spent days researching and decided to just be patient.
    I was sexting my partner while he was at work and I was off one day and came twice through clitorial stimaultion. When we met later I was so relaxed and horny and knew what feelings I should look out for that when we started having sex I was gushing within minutes!
    I've only done it once since and I think its because I've been stressed with deadlines which leads me to believe the more relaxed and turned on your are, the faster and more able you are to squirt/gush. Seems obvious now mind you...
    I really enjoyed it and just bought a toy today which will hopefully help me to do it even more 😊
    Envious of all you gushing ladies!

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    We had never achieved this until we started swinging about 6 months ago, we being together for 30+ years. Imagine my surprise, shock and disappointment all rolled into one when somebody else made Mrs. TD do this during our first ever play...

    That feeling passed within seconds as we both took the view that this was a great discovery and that we could introduce this to our personal sex life. A few weeks later, whilst playing with the same couple, I managed to do the same though screwing her doggie style, but with her leaning against a wall and we've not looked back since.

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    Forgive my naivety but where does the squirting liquid come from? And does it literally gush....as if you've wee'd ...but not wee'd? Can honestly say I've never experienced anything like what you guys are talking about.


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    it really depends on the situation, toys used (if any) and frankly the partner. I do not feel childbirth affected this but I do think going OFF birth control pills enhanced my sex life as my hormones are not messed up preventing me from self lubricating easily.

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    OMG.. I would love to be able to squirt but how do I make it happen.

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    I've done it unintentionally a few times, I really want to figure it out. I was really close to doing it today with a love egg and my OH going down - I didn't, but I did have an amazing orgasm and fell asleep for almost 2 hours, I was really confused when I woke up, one second it was light(Ish) out, and I was feeling all tingly, the next I felt normal and it was dark. Must have really took it out of me, definitely going to continue trying though!

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    Squirting is just part of sex for us. Partner can make me gush from the simplest of touches.

    It's an amazing sensation that is definitely enjoyable but buy a mattress protector lol.

    The cupped fingers onto your G spot might be the best place to start. Squatting up may help too with partner supporting you from behind. They can reach around and fondle boobies and clit with their other hand to help you relax.

    It does feel different at first and there is an "edge" almost to go over and let yourself go but it's worth taking time and of course lots of practice is fun.

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    It can happen really fast when I sit on Hubby's face, and more of a build up when it happens during sex. If we're having anal though it gushes everywhere!!!

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    Mr_Hammer69 wrote:

    I'd love to make her release fluids!! I've had the watery noise coming from the gspot and the leg shaking orgasm - but no wet sheets!!! Is it a constant playing for a period of time or can u come back and go again??? Any tips are greatly appreciated

    I am so happy, I gushed for the first time today, I can't stop thinking about it. I can't wait to show my husband but he has a bad cold so will have to wait, typical lol. I have long awaited this. The only thing I did differently was clit stimulation for a while before until I was really turned on. Then I used my lovehoney purple smooth, slimline g-spot vibrator, just left it inside whilst I carried on with the clit stim. Then I started to move it in and out and it felt different straight away, almost tingly numb initially. I pushed passed the squelchiness and even though my arm and hand was aching kept on going. I then gushed, then kept on going and proceeded to gush and then squirt! It didn't feel any more intense than my normal orgasms but in saying that I did have to sleep afterwards and that was involuntary. Good luck 😊
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    I find that the best thing to do is to make sure you are extremely hydrated and relaxed before going for it! I find that hooked fingers in a beckoning motion hitting my gspot really do the trick along with some clit stim!

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    I sometimes have success making my girlfriend gush with plenty of tongue action while using my fingers as well.

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    Hi Guys,

    This is the ultimate tip on gushing/ squirting.
    Get your gorgeous girl to rub her clit while you have 3 fingers in her pussy, all you need to do is push your fingers up against the top of her pussy/ gspot with firm pressure, when she is about to cum increase the pressure and rub like crazy, it will be amazing and very wet :)

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    It all depends on a variety of things. If your relaxed as a woman and feeling confident then it happens allot easier. I squirt in great volume most of the time and both myself and my partner love it. However sometimes for a variety of reasons it just doesn't happen. Once I start I generally don't stop and it gets more and more intense. Starting slow and simulating both the clitorus and gspot and not rushing things is the best advice I can give plus be well hydrated. That liquid has to come from somewhere.

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