1. Sloppy seconds or thirds!

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    For context

    Tried a dozen or more times to edit this post to add a missing thumbs up to what blueeyes wrote.


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    Always found that editing with an emoji included fails.

    Remove and the post edits every time!

    Lovehoney - can you fix this please?

    Just sent this request on the "Contact Us" page

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    have done it with 2 males cummin into my vagina felt good,b/f realymy b/f told me he once when he was younger did it after 9 males had peformed a gang bang on a girl

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    Hi there

    i have had sex many times with the woman who is now my wife, but when she was married to someone else.

    For various reasons we were not able to be together, so for a while we were having an affair with each other whilst still married to our partners. She had frequent but unsatisfactory unloving sex with her husband usually in the mornings, so when I called round she would be waiting for me and we would make love knowing his semen was still inside her. We never talked about this but it was accepted and yes I did enjoy the fact that she was super aroused and it felt almost like a threesome at the time

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    Eeew, no...just no!! I am a one guy girl and to me sex HAS to mean something . I'm a highly emotive person and sex is an emotional act not just physical. I just couldn't have multiple partners.

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    Totally agree with corset_is !

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    Macspants your comment made me giggle lol
    (I don't know how to quote)

    This is wrong on so many levels. I'd hate to think what possible sti's this girl could have picked up for one.

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    yes i would love it , trying to convince my wife to get fucked by another guy so i can watch and then get sloppt 2nds

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    No thanks, never batted on a sticky wicket!

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    Love the idea, but in practice too risky.

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    Can't say it the idea does anything for me.

    Now finding my OH full of someone else's cum after a night out IS a turn on, but not adding mine tio that mix.

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    I wouldnt mind at all as it is a turn on for me can tell you like it but why thats the question?

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    Love the idea of it and would love to do it, too. Having a lady get her brains ****** out by a continuous stream of waiting dicks... hmmm. However, all parties involved would have to be completely clean and healthy. Otherwise it's irresponsible and dangerous, and a turn-off.

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    i have this fantasy where im with multiple men, the idea turns me on so much but don't think id have the guts to go through with it xx

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    Have to say that when I was involved in threesomes (or more) in long off halcyon days condoms were the order of the day with no exceptions but the arousal levels meant that lubrication was never an issue

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    Don't fancy that at all. I would much rather it be me cumming more than once in my wife, nobody else.

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    Sarahgee wrote:

    Churning the butter 😂😂😂😂😂

    This had me too lol

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