1. Pregnancy and sex...

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    I was the furthest thing from horny you could imagine when I was pregnant lol. I think thpugh it was more to do with the fact I was sick a day every day untill about 21 weeks. But then the relationship I was in was already breaking down,I was 19 felt trapped and couldn't wrap my head around the fact there was a human inside of me! It completely freaked me out. I had sex twice after I found out (and I found out at 6wks). Lol. Poor ex OH!

    I'm sure it would be different if I was to get pregnant again. Circumstances are totally different. I'm ten years older for a start, with the best OH :) so my head wouldn't interfere with what my body is urging! He he

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    Does it not feel weird having sex with a baby inside you, I think I'd feel wrong somehow, like having sex with a child in the room?

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    It really varies from person to person and the pregnancy. Hormones are always changing even without the interferance of pregnancy hormones which change too. So when everything is going all over the place, it can be hard to find a stable answer.

    Personally I haven't found my sex drive to change. What I have found though is I'm paying more attention to it due to having so much free time.

    @Cuddlekins you can have sex in your hospital room if you have one and keep it quiet. There's actually no laws against it, and while some may be put off by the thought of it, some doulas and midwifes encourage sex toward the end to speed up labour.

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    Oh, on it feeling weird due to a baby inside you. It gets to the stage where you actually have to think of yourself and your happiness, the baby isn't going to know you're having sex, and there are too many pros to sex to avoid it. Sex is such a great way to relax during pregnancy.

    I've personally found that the baby only moves some times when I'm having sex, and often that's because it's in its own routine and would be moving about that time anyway.

    If you're not too uncomfortable, then sex is awesome for you and your partner during this time. I only have had a slight issue with positions, but have found wedge pillows (which argos and other places sell cheaply), are awesome to help you get comfortable.

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