1. Weirdest request?

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    Cuff Links wrote:

    binky59 wrote:

    I know about BDSM and all that but I briefly had a girlfriend who wanted me to hurt her while i shagged her, real punches and stuff. I could'nt do it and we did'nt last long after that which was ashame as she was gorgeous and a lot of fun to be with, otherwise.

    I agree, the idea of waking someone up with sex/oral seems super weird to me. Also that is some intense stuff! My partner refuses to hit me but I just want it with like a rubber flogger or something (but obviously I respect his limits)

    I read somewhere this week that sexual choking is done from the sides instead of the front so there isn't the risk of for real killing them. Apparently the appeal of choking (besides the risk maybe?) is the temporary cutoff of bloodflow to the head.
    I just found that to be an interesting article...

    I mentioned I like choking but your right.. its usually only to the side of my neck.. more of a pinning me down kinda thing.. Some people like really rough stuff tho! Each to there own I guess
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    I prefer choking from the front, the feeling of lightheaded-ness & the control he has over me at that point is a turn on for me

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    LadyS wrote:

    Satan42 wrote:

    I'm quite worried as I don't find any of these weird lol. Am I normal?

    Lol, I think they're all in the relatively normal weird strand, so depending on what other sites you frequent I can see how they wouldn't seem that weird, if that makes sense.

    Have you yourself had or made any weird requests?

    I've never had any weird requests personally. I don't think I've made any either, but have requested things all ready mentioned, so guess it's all about perspective x

    Things I've requested! I asked an old fuck buddy to piss on me, she did and I drank some. She wanted to use a dildo on me, which I let her.

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    Sorry but I find it really funny that the girl who wanted peed on got "pissed off" no wonder she wanted to get pissed ON

    I am sorry I shouldnt take the piss

    No really I will stop now :-)

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    I had someone lick me out whilst I at pesto spaghetti, yet that's not the most random thing I've had requested, I just feel it's the best one to put out of all me escorting and professional domming.

    I think I've dealt with a lot of fetishes, yet I wouldn't say they were sex related, just more erotic to the person who fantasies about them. You'd be amazed how common the things above are, and more, but many seem more comfortable going to a professional to get them seen to.

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    I had a guy think it would be funny to crack an egg on my stomach only because I was very hot and sweaty! Funny enough it didnt fry!!

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    An ex-girlfriend used to like me to dress up as a girl for her. Harmless fun and it was funny sometimes, as I had better legs than her! lol

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    should be done from the sides, lessening the supply of oxygen to the brain only, giving the euphoria and heightened sensations associated with it.

    Choking from the front deprives your entire body (see: heart) of oxygen and can be very dangerous, as it can lead to 'cardiac events' aka a heart attack.


    *the more you know image*

    As for weird requests, nah. My OH is the vanilla-iest of vanilla and only does kink for me. All my exes have been pretty normal too due to our age. The lady is into kinkier things, but I doubt she'd ask for anything super unusual.

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    I don't think anything on here is that wierd? Lol x

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    The_Cuboner wrote:

    My boyfriend has had a couple which probably don't seem weird to the people on here but I'm not comfortable with. One is to wake him up with sex/a blowjob and the other is to choke him during sex

    This makes me realise how lucky I am and how I take things for grantage, although it only happens several times a month I do get woken up by either a hand job and occacionaly a blow job, the later being an amazing sensation, I take it that should I ever split and get in a new relationship all these things i take for grantage will be a thing of the past. Guess I should return the favour more and give her some night time treats.
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    Sarahgee wrote:

    I don't think anything on here is that wierd? Lol x

    Agreed.... ️Xx

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    missionary position .....tried it , wasn't that fussed tbh !!

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    Had my girl pee on my face last night and that was such a turn on, I drank some and the rest ran down my chin onto my chest. I then asked her to use the dildo on me which she gladly did, best night we've ever had

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    I've been asked if my partner could call me "Mommy" before. Said no, never brought it up again, we were fine.

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    My ex gf asked if she could call me daddy which unthought was very strange.

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    I guess im the one who asks for weird things lol

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    My boyfriend has a thing for me gagging when I give him a blow job, and one day he mentioned he would like to know what it would be like if I gagged so much I threw up on him.

    I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a go one day without telling him that was plan.

    Needless to to say ive never felt him so hard, and never felt myself get so wet so quickly.

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