1. Silicone Lube/Sil-a-Gel Compatability

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    How well do sil-a-gel toys and silicone lubes go together. I know the golden rule is no sikicone lubes with silicone toys, but I can't work out if sil-a-gel toys fall under this category.

    I've tried a quick Internet search, and sources vary on whether they can be used together or not. Normally I probably would play it safe and not take the risk, but there are other mitigating factors why I'd like to know if it's safe for me to use them together or not.

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    Water based only I believe

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    Big no no. Sil-a-gel can claim to be anti bacterial all it wants, it's still super porous. And I do believe silicone based lubes never play nicely with porous materials? Just clogs and traps bacteria and such....

    Sil-a-gel is nothing to do with nor does it contain any silicone btw, it's just an additive Doc Johnson use to make their stuff 'anti bacterial'. The name is (possibly deliberately) very misleading.

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