1. OMG anal is AMAZING!!

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    If your into role playing? you could do it on a femdom night when he has no choice but to take anything you do to him. Have him on hands and knees as you toy his ass for a while then with very lubed hands work his cock too, I think this will blow his mind, can give me full body shaking for ages after I cum (never had that before)

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    I am more than happy for my wife to play with my arse... however when looking at the site recently my wife saw a strap on and firmly said "thats never gonna happen". My fingers up her bum are an integral part of our lovemaking and she has on occassion been kind enough to return the favour. Thanks to a few products we have bought recently we are being a lot more open about our desires and fetishes.

    My main problem is that my wife is not a great lover of toys. I used to purchase random toys from a well known high street store that were either used once or discarded to a drawer to perish. We have recently been experimenting with bondage and a kinkier side of my wife has started to show and I plan to explore anal on an upcoming weekend away. On the occassions I have rimmed her I have loved it and I know she has to but I think she is concerened with cleanliness.

    I now have the problem of whipping out and introducing the following on the weekend away..

    1) anal douche... not exactly something you can bring out in the heat of passion!

    2) butt plug... once I have overcome the hurdle of number 1, shouldnt be an issue. I set a challenge of both of us bringing someting away to surprise the other. My wife expressed a desire to be blindfolded, I suggested we check out the site for a blindfold and she went a bit further and bought the Tracey Cox bondage set and nipple clamps... Lovehoney I cant thank you enough! I plan on a slight role play scenario where she wears the butt plug whilst we go for a meal.

    3) and this is the problem, I bought http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=10239 to all those who are just started to experiment with anal, would you be horrified if this was whipped out and presented? Im having serious second thoughts.

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    Corset_is -

    Me and my OH use glass toys or I just have a plug in when having normal sex. Also I love fingers and pulling out and going back in is a great turn on for me.

    Also we have a feeldoe which I can't rate highly enough for both pegging and Solo play.

    Hope this helps :)

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    anal douches can be a pain and sometimes don't work right, I now use one which you can plug into the shower and perform a full enema, gives you a full clean out but if you put in too much water your going to be going to the toilet a lot. Wait for about an hour after the released water runs clear (excess water might still be up there so always good to wait if you need to go to the toilet again) and don't eat anything while waiting. This method also stretches your ass before play making things easier if any pain is an issue, like using an inflatable butt plug that also cleans you at the same time. I have heard that this method can flush out the natural environment inside your ass but I haven't had any problems with it and only use this method once in a blue moon so no big deal. Best way to clean and be worry free. Would use anal beads when going out though, done that before and it was very kinky but plugs tend to fall out more and try explaing that if it rolled on the floor of a restaurant. A plug could be help in tape with some bondage tape if yous have some though. Can get a bit tight in both holes depending on the girl but I would just go for it, seen as it is your wife she will probably laugh at first sight but either say yes or no, what's the worst that can happen? so don't worry :)

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    Yes man wrote:

    Corset, great news, anal is the best, both me and the OH love it, anal is well half our sex life, have you had an anal orgasm? My OH anal orgasms easier doing anal than in our other sessions and their alot stronger for her, this is mostly why we do anal more than anything, she just can't get enough of anal orgasms!

    Totally orgasm LOADS when he takes me anally! He tried a new position the other night and I was cumming after just a few thrusts! He loves making me cum...and I'm not complaining, it happens A LOT!!! (I live in flats so try not to worry what my neighbours must think!)

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    me and my OH both love anal, however as the male of the species i am no too keen when she does me anally with the butt plug or a dildo. she says she wants to do me with a strap on but am a little worried even though i know she will use plenty of lube and be gentle. I love been the dominant one when we have sex and she loves it when i insert her black dildo anally whilst i penetrate her..she know says she would love to try the real thing anally..

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    Reviving this thread 'cos to be honest I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. Today I lost my anal vriginity and, yes -OMG it was amazing! I always said I would never do it but after becoming more curious recently and enjoying experimenting I am so glad I have been brave enough to work up to it. Hope you don mind me sharing this with all you lovelies. ☺️ X

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    A year ago I would of been in discust even thinking of anal sex, now I love it! Being pregnant and all of the symptoms that come with it I havent been able to do it much which is really gutting! It took me a while to enjoy it so I completely get where peole come from but after a few tries I couldnt stop x

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    Congrats Naughty Lassie! I've always thought I'd never try anal sex but my OH and I are experimenting quite happily nowadays with anal play.... So I could see it happening in the future. I'm still very nervous though hehe! Well done for plucking up the courage and being so brave! Your OH must be chuffed too, and you must have a great relationship *clinks glasses* well done!

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    I have only been trying anal for a month or so . But now my oh has started to slide a dildo inside me I have found it to be stunning . As she lubes up and pushes gently against my ring I get a thrill as she then pushes deeper and deeper its the pop as she pushes through my ring that does it . I have cum as I'm permit rated and then again as she fucks me from behind . Even to the point of cumming 6 or 7 times . I'm then spent and she wants more and more .... I think she is turning into a Dom . X

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    I wonder if I'm a freak! Anal play gives me no pleasure at all, we've tried it a few times with lots of build up and lube etc, just feels meh, not painful though. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it seems unusual.

    We're not that bothered about anal anyway, it's not a big turn on for us. Glad to read that it's so pleasurable for others though, sounds like you're all having lots of fun!

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    I'm just starting to get more into anal. So far it's been great trying new things.

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    Anal is very very much a regular part of sex for me. I habpvent had issues with willing partners though I might have finally stumbled on a stable partner now.

    After a bit of plug training solo over the last couple of months (which is how long anal has been in my life) I can now take his whole length in my ass and tolerate a good pounding, it's amazing the orgasms it achieves are earth shattering and he got me squirting big time last night fucking my pussy with a dildo whilst his cock was in my ass.

    love double pen with a strap on too, he's happy to oblige, though he will need a bit more convincing to all me to do more ass play on him, he's in the something up his ass is gay mindset at the moment.

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    Me & my partner love Anal play. For me i cant get enough of it. We bought a strap on from Love Honey in October & since then our sex life has gotten alot better. I personally love rimming him.

    I found out recently i am one of the lucky one's when it comes to anal orgsam . The orgsam was amazing. My advice to anyone would be dont knock it till you try it.

    When pegging my OH i love being in control!!

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    Four months Into our new relationship and we've finally ordered our strap on and dildo (quite a large one) we've played with dildos I already had and she loves seeing me squirm on a big cock.

    Unfortunately she has no interest in anal for herself but in time I'm sure we will try it out.

    But yes, I love anal so much. Hitting the prostate is a magical feeling and the orgasm leaves you shaking with jelly legs.

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    You know I'm really sad about this topic because I can't seem to like it!!! I can't get past the point where the pain turns into pleasure, like it literally hurts TOO much! :(

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    AsgardianSuicide wrote:

    You know I'm really sad about this topic because I can't seem to like it!!! I can't get past the point where the pain turns into pleasure, like it literally hurts TOO much! :(

    Have you tried starting small... like really small? Doc Johnson do a 6" anal dildo that has hardly any girth on it, its great to kind of leave in there and let your body adjust. Then the Basix Slim 7 is the perfect dildo to start with for me since the tip is tiny and will help you to open up and get used to the length and girth. Plus its super flexible (jelly like) so will bend to your body's needs.

    Just got to take it really really slow with lashings of waterbased lube!

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    It took me a while to come around to trying anal sex. I was convinced it was going to hurt but I am so glad I did try it.
    Now I love it and have never felt any pain from it. In fact I'm more into rough anal sex than it being gentle.
    I am hoping to try pegging soon :)

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    AsgardianSuicide wrote:

    You know I'm really sad about this topic because I can't seem to like it!!! I can't get past the point where the pain turns into pleasure, like it literally hurts TOO much! :(

    Try your own finger up your bum,on your own, try to feel how things feel and work from there, as it's yourself you can go at a pace that you set, then try say a dildo etc, once you've got comfy with the feeling get your partner to help by giving them instructions, which they may like, if you're being the dominant one as far as this goes?

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    I still haven't tried anal, it's something we are working towards. Reading all these positive posts, I can't wait to try it. I have been using butt plugs, a medium one just now and have the large one but not tried it yet.

    I also bought a 6 inch realistic vibrating dildo, so might give that a go, to get used to the in and out thrusting sensation.

    I recently tried the Tracy Cox clear dildo, the beaded end, during solo play and it was amazing. So I am hoping when I eventually try anal it will be good.

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