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    So having been on the forums for a few weeks I have noticed that it seems everyone has some thing that makes their sex life difficult, be it an illness of themselves or their partner, a difficult work pattern, living with family, having kids, living apart or miles away from each other or even just finding it difficult to get in synch with each other. We all have these difficulties and yet many people seem reluctant to talk about them for fear of sounding like they are "moaning" too much!

    So I thought a good idea would be a thread where people can have a bit of a moan, ask for advice or just chat away about what ever makes things difficult for them and how they deal with it! It always helps to have another perspective on things! And you never know, you could stumble across that one piece of golden advice that makes everything easier! (I have had a quick search and can't find a similar thread around already but sorry if there is!)

    So what makes things a little tougher for you? And how do you get around it? Do you and your OH talk about it or do you try to work through it alone?

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