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  1. Keeping tidy

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    This just reminded me i need to buy razors!! 😱 .

    If you can tolerate it, its really best to get waxed. Only problem is you have to grow the hair back properly before you wax again. However, over time the hair stops growing in so thick and takes longer to come back. I couldnt stick with it, i hate even having so much as stubble down there, im not against it just a personal pref. but i do wax my armpits and now they barely even grow hair. I only have to wax them four times a year because ive been doing it so long its given up growing lol. If you can stick to that with your legs and privates the same happens. I just didnt have the patience but wish i did x

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    yeah as a male i shave..guess just hate body hair!...chest arms etc never a problem...round the sensitive areas...emmm carefull..have tried sensitive creams..but i find them to weak for a mans hair!! tried shaving foams..but get a rash after a day or two...now have mens hair removal cream on markets..but hard to find in normal asda tesco..try amazon...work well!

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