1. women love a gentleman

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    Iove a well dressed man.....the well fitted suit, decent shirt and a loose tie after a crazy day......prefection:-) :-)

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    I was thinking about this the other day, but in terms of the shoe being on the other foot...

    I was thinking about MY dress sense, and wondering if my OH prefers me in a nice skirt, heels and all pretty, or in my 'lazy' clothes - leggings, hoody and a tee, with no makeup. And then I realised that he loves me no matter what I look like - he sleeps next to me and wakes up to my morning face! I never thought I could be that comfortable with someone and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

    That being said, I really don't mind what my OH wears in day-to-day life, just as long as he's comfortable. I do have favourite t-shirts of his though, that I sometimes like to knick! ;)

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    Definitely not happy with a man in trackies unless he's been working out but a suit is too much... I'm an understated (but tidy) dresser but don't like feeling underdressed and a suit would make me feel scruffy. I think a nice balance..smart jeans and shirt etc.

    It must depend very much on the personality of the woman though as to what they find attractive..

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    Hubby never ever wears a suit, but omg I couldn't wait to get him out of it on our wedding day! I love him in a suit as it's different to how he normally dresses.

    But likewise I love him in his work overalls. Due to his long hours and working away he just enjoys being comfy when he's at home so trackies and a tshirt in the house, jeans if we go out

    I on the otherhand love to get dressed up now and again but he prefers me in my comfies with no make up, I don't think it matters a great deal but on first impressions you'll always meet a different kind of person depending how you dress I guess.

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    i love well dressed men it turns me on knowing they take prid in thier apperance

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    My OH used to ride a motorbike so I was used to seeing him in his all in one suit or his jeans. Our 1st date, he wore jeans. He wears overalls over his jeans for work. He wears 'lounge' pants at home with a t shirt. He's happy & I'm happy. He only wears a suit for weddings/funerals.

    If I was single & dating, I'd think that trackies & a T shirt showed lack of interest. Jeans & a buttoned shirt would be ok.

    People dress more casual now. You see loads of young guys with big bushy beards, T shirts, cargo pants/jeans & converse footwear - they're not short of girlfriends!

    But like HE said above, I do wonder what he thinks about what I wear. Rarely in dresses, never in skirt.

    I'd hate my OH to spend more time on his appearance that I did though!


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    Here is my 2 cents on this thread. I love my man in a button down shirt and a suit...(a button down is much better to steal and prance around in than a hoodie)

    Now if your normal attire is joggers and a t shirt there is nothign wrong with comfort, but try to keep them nice and coordinating and avoid anything threadbare.

    If you are taking someone out on a first date that does not involve hiking or something physical I would suggest jeans and a nice tshirt or button down. Be yourself regardless, if you are not comfortable in a suit just save those for funerals and weddings.

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    Love a man too look ...'nice' ! Dosen't need to be a suit necessarily.... but jeans and a smart shirt works......especially if the shirt sleeves are rolled up......they have to be rolled up, sexy forearms make me weak at the knees.

    Don't like a man who can't be bothered about what he looks like and dosent keep his clothes clean......food down the front ? A real turn off :( x

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    curvylover wrote:

    missmhithrha wrote:

    I like men that wear hoodies... so I can steal them.

    every girl steals hoodies lol

    I steal boxers, they're soooooooooo comfy lol

    A suit is, to women, what sexy lingeri is to a man. But that said, some men just can't carry a suit off. I personally prefer a well fitting pair of jeans, but pulled up, not hanging down by the knees!

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    To me (perhaps I am a naive fool) "a gentleman" means an honest, intelligent, and well-read guy with a good sense of humour. A man like that can wear any clothes he wants - provided they are clean, of course.

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