1. Anyone else planning on seeing in the new year in with a "Bang" ?

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    LibraLover wrote:

    Briona87 wrote:

    I've always wished to do that... sadly, I am still just as single as I was last year. And the year before that... and... well, all my life. Sh**e...

    I've heard that if you wear red underwear on new years day it will bring you new love in that year

    LOL, interesting, never heard that before... *rummages in the lingerie drawers - finds out she does not have anything that would be 100% red, though, just black & read or white & black & red - does that count?*

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    It would be a nice way to see in the new year, but sadly I'm chronically single. Singledom doesn't bother me a lot, but recently I am starting to miss sex with someone other than myself! So hopefully the new year brings a bit of action my way.

    I'm a bit of a grinch when it comes to Hogmanay - I hate it with a passion. There's a real chance I'll be in bed sleeping before midnight, and if not, I'll probably just be watching stuff on Netflix. I don't like to go out, because Hogmanay in Glasgow is treated like a competition of "How drunk can I get before I get kicked out of this bar" and I can't stand the company of sloppy drunks. I am also from a family with several alcoholics - both of my parents, two uncles and one aunt are all alcoholics, as well as several cousins. This is the time of year that they all traditionally fall off the wagon, resulting in injuries or controversial actions. Because of that, it has always been a time of stress and unhappinesss for me.

    I heard that you should always do something at midnight on Hogmanay that you want to do all year round, so I always walked my dog, because she was my best buddy. Sadly, she died this year, so tonight I will need to decide what my new annual tradition will be.

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    None for me but made up for it on 2nd and 3rd.

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