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  1. Caught in the act

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    Several years ago and in happier times my soon to be ex-wife and I were out for a walk at a local beauty spot one warm summer's evening. Finding a secluded spot we had a quickie - she sat on me with her long skirt covering anything that might scare the natives. Back at the car we stood and chatted before getting in while the couple in the car next to us were clearly waiting for something to happen while trying not to giggle: they had left a note on the windscreen like a flier which said 'we know exactly what you two were doing!'. Cue red faces all round!

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    Was caught once in my whole life. My ex girlfriend was going down on me but she was under the covers, it was about 2am. Next thing i know her mother and her mothers best friend storm in drunk as hell as they just got back frim a nught out and i tried to pretend i was sleeping. They kept asking where she was and when i pretended to wake up i said she must be at the loo. I lay there while one of them went to check and one stayed in the bedroom and i heard a voice shout 'nope, shes not in the loo'. Well, that was me! I burst into fits of laughter and her mum felt the covers and was embarassed to all hell. Called us dirty fuckers and left. I still laugh about it.

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    Well the first time my OH and I did the deed, we were nearly caught in the act! We were round at his house (living with parents) and his stepdad comes home from work early, just as we're about to finish. Just about have time to grab my clothes when he asks the bf if he wants to go jogging with him. He replied something along the lines of having had enough exercise.

    Second time wasn't getting caught in the act but funny nonetheless. This time we were round at my house (again still sharing with my parents). My mum has a tendency to just walk in when I'm getting changed. Tend to stand by the door so I could close it again quickly as even after this long locks on the door are a no-no apparently. Well we had just gotten in and were not even doing anything remotely sexual that time (scout's honour). My mum opens the door and my hand just instinctively flies out and slams it. In a panic, I end up just saying 'we're in here' to which my mum hastily retreats. Tried explaining the situation, but pretty sure she didn't believe me. I mean, would you?

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    First time me and my partner had sex a cleaner walked into our hotel room! Must be a cleaner thing. She didn't speak any english so she didnt understand what all the shouting was about "GO, NO CLEAN!"

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