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  1. Caught in the act

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    @ You animals !

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    i remember once...errggg still makes me winch today..i still lived at home and my then girlfriend(now wife of 25 years), had stayed over the night... that morning...emmm think you guessed i was performing oral sex on her when my mum walked in my bed room with out knocking to see if we wanted a cuppa....classic!

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    A boo needs to be written I think. `Caught in the act` by `yougo first` lol

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    Never happened to me but did wander in on a housemate once.

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    I could sit here and read these stories all day.
    Luckily I havnt been caught out as we have our own place, Although the neighbours have bagged on the wall a Few times! 🙈

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    Oh dear, the spooned under the covers has happened to me! We didn't get caught as such but it was still embarrassing. Ex boyfriend's little brother came in asking to borrow an xbox game and asked us if we were still tired because everyone else was already up... Never really been caught doing anything as I'm pretty good at timing. Only a matter of time though.

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    Have been caught a couple of times, my response is normally "Either join in or get out, just dont stand there gawping"

    Lizzie_jelly [sign in to see picture]
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    Was on top of my ex with the covers around me, his mum walked in and started having a conversation with him while I just sat there...

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    Never been caught but as I still live at home me and my OH do have sex with others in the house. We once came close to being caught but I managed to hear them coming up the stairs and get something on before my dad opens my door to me in nothing but my bra and pants. Luckily my OH was fully dressed and I told dad I was just putting on my pyjamas. Not sure he believed me but he hasn't mentioned it yet.

    BF&GF [sign in to see picture]
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    Had some close calls but never been caught.

    Used to be when I lived at home (now at uni), but developed super sonic hearing for when people were walking up the stairs :P

    Ame [sign in to see picture]
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    I have been almost caught, but never really directly caught, except for once. Will tell what I remember.

    At my dad's: Me and my boyfriend were having some fun in my bedroom in the middle of the afternoon (my dad would only be expected at the end of the day). Suddenly the bell rings (I had my key inside, so no one could open the house door). It was a mess, and I took so much time defreezing and getting some clothes on, and was so blushed by then that I think it was pretty obvious when I opened the door. Dad seemed a bit upset, but I was so concerned for not even having my knickers on under my skirt that didn't even care. My boyfriend even dressed his trousers with the condom still on.

    At his mom and dad's: I think I may have posted this before, but he gets home in the morning after work and wakes me up. We have, as usual, breakfast together, but his mom suddenly decided to go to the supermarket, and we thought we had time. So we went at it, but wildly. I was screaming big time, he was too louder than his usual, the bed was shaking and squeaking. We finish and when we open the door to go to the loo we see the hellish vision of the supermarket bags on the kitchen. When I left the room some hours later, to lunch, his mother was on her bed, looking through the window praying. I felt really bad but whatever, I was only 18, it's natural. At least she could have the hapiness of his son having a healthy relationship I guess!

    With his parents at the vacation flat, in two different years, three situations: We were spooning and doing it in that position when suddenly his father goes out of the bedroom for no reason (the door of the bedroom leading immediately to the living room where we were sleeping) and stared at us, while we pretended to be sleeping. We made no noise whatsoever so I thought he was going to use the toilet but he didn't, so it was certainly to check on us.

    The other situation was when his parents headed to the beach in the afternoon, moment that we used to stay indoors and read or take a nap. That afternoon we decided that was time for some fun and as his parents had already left long enough to arrive to the beach, we felt save. We did what we had to do and when we were dressing the door opened. I was panicking as everythink felt guilty, like the open mattresses on the floor, even though I always unfolded them to read. I barely had the time to reach for my knickers and hide them in the skirt pocket. I was worried that they could have listened to me, and will never know really. Apparentely it was too windy on that afternoon to stay on the beach, and that's why they arrived home earlier.

    And at last, my boyfriend before dinner called me casually to the bathroom after his bath under the pretext of giving him some product or such, and surprised me with a flirtatious erection which led me to my knees. When I was finishing it, suddenly his father opens the door! I don't even know why as it is an unspoken rule to never do that. That was reaaally close, one second earlier and he would see me with his son's cock on my mouth. Dashing!

    Naughty Miss K [sign in to see picture]
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    Been seconds away from his Dad walking in on me on top of his son on their kitchen floor. Still close enough to see something was going on! Oops.

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    My now hubby and I were in the back of the car down a very secluded unused lane, on a very wet dark night, we were just getting going when I saw a man wiping the window.

    When hubby told him to go away he actually said I just want to watch.

    Gadget girl [sign in to see picture]
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    Lol Miss Pussycat!

    The nerve of some people! I have to say that did make me laugh, cheeky bugger
    Think I'd have let him though.....

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    Last summer had best mate and his new GF staying with us. One night they were out so, with the house to ourselves OH had a good session, knowing mate would be out til late. Except they came home early and caught us at it. Shortly after we heard them hammering away so we had to go for a second round to drown out the noise.

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    Caught in my lounge by best friend. She told us to carry on while she watched us finish off! She said it was the best turn on ever and that she dashed straight home and had the best orgasm ever with her toys on her own. To this day still wondering whether to ask her to join us as she is single. I know my OH would like it!!

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    i wasn't cought but more releaved. i was on a lads holiday in spain and we agreed who ever got lucky back at our room we would leave the balcony window open, well one night i got lucky and went back to the hotel room. one of the lads come back to the hotel room noticed the signs and went and sat out on the balcony until the deed was done. i went out to the balcony and notice he was having some alone time with his self, thinking the worst and it was from what he heard in the room the converstation started very awkward, but when he explained and pointed out that there was a couple on the balcony across the complex going at it like wild animals it wasn't as awkward any more lol

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    Yep unfortunely caught my parents when I was younger ... Burnt into my memory and now never enter any door without knocking haha.

    Had a horrific one happen to me the other day was listening to an audio file my FWB sent me and the phone rang so I answered it and when I finished the call it continued playing (on loudspeaker!!) while I was standing in the sitting room with my mum there!!! I wanted to just die. He was moaning and talking to me and I was horrified! Tried to peg it off as the end of the phone call with my best friend and that just must have been her OH. Seriously was so mortified it's put me off listening to it again.

    Not sure she bought it ...

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    I went on a canal weekend with an ex and another couple, we were rediculously sexually active, literally every day, problem with a canal boot is lack of privacy and the boat rocks a bit with the rythmn!
    The second day we were desperate, the other couple were at the back of the boat driving and we were sat at the front open seating, my ex had baggy shorts on and as she had small tits a lose t-shirt with no bra, she unzipped me, pulled one of her short legs up and slipped me in with her straddling me with her legs dangling over the front of the boat, we were going guns, i had my head up her top sucking her nips, we could fuck for hours but this needed to be a quicky! We were in our full flow when we heard the door from the cabin open and it was the girl of the couple, we stopped immediately and tried to pretend nothing was happening, we must have done a good job as she sat with us and started having a chat, fortunately everything was covered up! After what felt like an eternity she got up and went back to her boyfriend. Like desperate rabbits we were back at in instantly but our stamina was making it a bit of a longer shag than we wanted, we were that away with the moment we didn't really have a clue where we were or how long it had been, another thing we didn't know was we went under a bridge and when we came out the other side there was a pub with a canal side garden, it was a fantastic sunny day and it was rammed, unwittingly we gave them all a show to go with their pint! So caught twice in one shag
    We were that mortified that me made an agreement with the other couple at night we both shagged at the same time to drown each other, which I remember being a bit of turn on but now when I look back at it a bit strange!

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    My wife and i nearly got caught a few years ago when we were visiting my grandparents as we both got horny so went for a little drive and parked up in a layby and got on the back seat an started getting hot and steamy when an old boy came wondering up to the car but luckily i had silver mirrored tinted windows so he couldn't see in. Lol was pretty close though.

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