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    Evening all

    Have a glass dildo and am looking at introducing some temp play.

    apart of the obvious cold/hot water is there anything else that can be used that feels good?

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    what about hot/cold lubes?

    From what I've used them for with partners, they are either loved, hated or do nothing.

    So you will need to buy some and give it a try. Just be prepared incase you fall into the hate it catagory, some people say hot/cold lubes "burn". i on the other had love cooling ones, a sort of minty effect that feels great on my penis :)


    Just though, how about combine both. cool down the toy using ice then put heat lube on it :D

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    Candles add an extra bit of heat. You can either use a massage candle, or a bondage one. The massage candles are great for a warm sensual massage, but the bondage candles are great for an extra bit of bite.

    If you are going to use candles to drip wax, please make sure you don't just use cheap standard candles. The wax melts at a much higher temperature, so can actually cause burns. However, the candles from LH are much nicer. They give a little shock, but nothing lasting. Can be great when you have your OH tied and blindfolded.

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    I second dazzles. I love having my glass dildo cold but a warming lube. I can't link on my phone, but look on my review list for the warming lube, orangle bottle. Doesn't look flashy but oh boy. My favourite lube EVER

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    In my experience, if you love temperature play...treat yourself to a stainless steel dildo or butt plug. Stainless steel seems to do an even better job than glass for retaining heat and cold and you can use it in similar ways (put it in the fridge, or in hot and cold water)... to the point that it feels hot to the touch (for a while) after simply inserting it inside your vagina/anus for a while. I love my stainless steel toys for temperature play.

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    Oh no - the one I meant has been discontinued! But for reference, I meant this one :) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2620

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