• When was you frist time, anal?

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    For me the joy I get out of bum fun is still a sexy secret that I keep to myself as I've not worked up the courage to tell my wife.

    I first started experimenting about a year ago and the feeling just blow my mind. I'd love for bum fun to be included in our sex life but I think it will remain something that I enjoy by myself.

    I'd also like to introduce my wife to the pleasure that can come from bum fun, but I already know she had a bad experience in the past and is not likely I don't think to want to try again. She definitely sees the bum as exit only.

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    Best advice for beginners in anal play is to start with toys on your own! There is no bigger turn off to your partner than when you say you want to try it and then you quickly change your mind when he tries. Keep trying by yourself then go for it, youll soon find all you want is anal :)

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    I can't remember the first time. I know we've had a couple of 'stop!' Moments but generally we've been pretty successful.

    I found the best position is spooning after lots of foreplay! He usually starts off in my pussy then takes it out after each trust and slides back in going over my anus, this does two things, it lubes you up but also brushing past the anus feels so good and let's me know what coming. Always go really slow, starting with just the tip of his penis going in a little more with each gentle thrust. You must be relaxed, maybe a little clitoral stimulation at the same time would help. Once you've found the best way for you experiment with different position.
    Size isn't a factor really if you take it slowly and are nicely lubed up.
    Enjoy x

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    My first time was around 2 years ago now, about 6 months into the relationship. He's older and he said he was really into it and I had serious reservations about the whole thing. Without wanting to sound too crass my bum is just a bum to me, it's not somewhere you want to go poking about.

    Nevertheless, I went for it. Now, I can't get enough! It took us a few attempts for me to really relax and enjoy it but it was totally worth it. As for the tips and tricks:

    - Use plenty of lube. Obviously you don't make you're own 'lady goo' down there.

    - Try to relax! Tensing up is one sure fire way to make it very painful!

    - Ask him to play with you whilst you're doing it! I'm no expert, but apparently anal is supposed to make all of your other sensations really intense - opposed to the actual deed itself.

    - Be careful! Don't rush into anything you're not sure about and just take your time with things. If you're experiencing pain, just stop. You can do some serious damage down there if you and your partner aren't careful and I imagine explaining to A & E the inns and outs of it all would be highly embarrassing!

    Good Luck! :)x

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    Great advice Lauren.

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