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  1. Is he too big for me?

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    As everyone else has said just try to relax and go slowly. It took me a couple of attempts the first time because I wasn't relaxed enough, but everything will fit in so don't worry about that, it's what our bodies were designed for! I didn't have any bleeding and I don't remember being too sore afterwards. I love lube now and can't recommend it enough lol, I wish I'd had some my first time. Experimenting with toys is a good suggestion as it will help you get used to the feeling so you can understand what your body can take and hopefully make you less anxious when the time comes.

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    I'm suprised no one has said, you are on some kind of bc? as condoms, for the first time can be an issue, just my two cents,,

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    For my first time, I found that lots of foreplay helped, being totally relaxed with the guy and a gut instinct that I was ready. Have some large or extra large condoms at hand. Nothing kills the moment more, than small condoms chocking his chicken, so to speak!

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    The guy I lost my virginity to was pretty big as well (although not 9 inches!) and I seem to have a very small vagina with a low cervix (I struggle with even 5 inches) - and it was fine. I think it's important to take it slowly, with lots of gentle penetration with fingers and clitoral stimulation to get everything stretched out and relaxed. Honestly? The first time I actually had him inside me, was a total accident - we were just spooning with him fingering me and rubbing against me, and I was turned on enough that he just slipped in. This also wasn't the first time we had sex - after this point, we stopped, and waited a good few weeks before our first time.

    So no, if you take it slowly enough, you really don't need to worry about pain or even necessarily tearing your hymen - all of my friends who I've spoken about it to have said they had no problems - but they'd being using tampons for years, and had a lot of fingering and handjobs before they actually had sex.

    I think the main things I'd recommend would be to make sure you have lube available (although in a perfect world you wouldn't need it because you'd have had so much foreplay!) and for you to go on top, so you can control the angle and depth of penetration.

    Also, just because you've done that, doesn't mean you can't stop at any time! It's perfectly possible to have (quite probably not very good!) sex for a few minutes, then stop and go back to oral, manual, or even just stop if you're not into it any more. Your boyfriend sounds supportive enough that you wouldn't even have problems with being pressured to continue.

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    Thank you all for the advice.

    I have been on the pill but I am having small issues so I was considering stopping it. Why are condoms an issue for the first time?

    He is very supportive and I know there would be no issue stopping if I was uncomfortable.

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    Condoms shouldn't be an issue if he knows how to use it and has a right fitting one and uses condom safe lube

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