1. Peppermint ???

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    Hi all I'm just wondering if anybody knows about the affects of peppermint with regards to semen taste. And if so would drinking peppermint cordial have an effect ?

    Thanks for your time Rich.

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    Funny you mention it, but I have recently done a lot of reading about the effects of peppermint and peppermint tea since I have found myself drinking a lot of it as an alternative to normal tea.

    I havent read anywhere abot it effecting your semen, but I have discovered that it is good for digestion and if enough of it is drunk regularly it makes your farts smell a tad pepperminty! I've onyl had that happen once but it was amazing - hence me googling it to see if it possible or was I just hallucinating.

    I also read that peppermint can affect hormone levels by inhibiting testosterone productionin the body. Though it says you would need to have a lot of peppermint in your diet for any significant changes.

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    Does peppermint cordial contain actual peppermint or just flavouring?

    I remember looking this up a while ago and, as Just Jenson has pointed out, you need a LOT of it in your diet to have any affect on your body. Like drinking the mixed mint teas is no good, it has to be all this organic 100% pure peppermint tea guff to do anything.

    The answer got from my reading was that in order to gain beneificial effects, you have to take it in capsule form as you can't physically drink enough tea. So I think the same would go for cordial, assuming it has real peppermint in it at all/in any great quantity.

    Have you checked out the video post that talks about altering semen taste btw? It's quite helpful for the general topipc :) (sorry I could only find a youtube link, hope this is allowed?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pQc__uUfLo

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    I would ask the doc's advice on taking large quantities of concentrated things like peppermint,just to check first? you could use vanilla too maybe?

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    There has been few posts about this recently and Lovehoney-Jess explained the taste is better if you cut out toxins in your diet rather than adding to it to try and make the semen taste nicer. Try and do a forum search to see if you can find some more details on it.

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