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  1. starting sexting help

    againstleon [sign in to see picture]
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    So I'm off on business for a few days so wont be seeing my oh. We will be having a special evening when I return, which also happens to be a special day for the both of us.

    I want to try sexting while I'm away, to get her and me really going for when I return. We've never done it before, I've sent a few vague " I'm thinking of you sexy" messages, but that's about it. She once years ago when we couldn't be together for my birthday sent me a pic of her in lingerie.

    So any tips on how to start? Get her to realise what I'm doing and participate?

    againstleon [sign in to see picture]
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    Sunshine,Lollipops wrote:

    I like it when my husband texts about how much he's missing me and what he's having to do to himself until we are reunited. He likes to hear about what I get up to too.
    He usually tells me what he's going to do to me when he gets home and often gives me instructions or little tasks to do which I then have to report back on.
    Be descriptive, get your SPaG correct and have fun :)

    How does he start to be more sexual without being to forward to start? Any texting tips? Do's/do nots
    Sum Sub [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm a straight to the point kinda guy so i take pic of my cock and text it to her. No words necessary

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    I usually start a little more light hearted and jokey and see where it goes.

    For example a typical coversation for us might start

    ME: I'm naked ;)

    Him: I am shocked at your crude behaviour ;)

    Me: why don't you come over here and do something about it then...

    etc and then it would develop into what he would do etc.

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