1. Ladies have you ever dressed him as your slut?

    katieman [sign in to see picture]
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    Well if your bedroom becomes a bit stale then give it a go.... it worked for us! Do any other couples

    enjoy this bedroom fun. I love our weekend fun dressing in short skirts,nylons and panties.....and i`m the guy! We have just ordered the miss Alice costume for this weekend and will post a pic when i get. The only trouble with our playtime is that my wife prefers me as Katie saying i am easier to talk to and not so moody !!

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    Hi, welcome to the forums :)

    I hope you enjoy your new purchases!!

    delilahxx [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello :)

    It's something I will definitely try in the future as I have always liked the thought of it.

    OUCH! Thank you ;) [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there :)

    I've never dressed the OH up in the bedroom before as I'm usually blindfold so can't see him anyway, but I'll keep it in mind for the future

    Just Jenson [sign in to see picture]
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    somethgin I would love to try ... just need to right person to make it all a reality !

    Purring-Pussy [sign in to see picture]
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    Not my OH, but a male friend who is a TV, I like to tell him what to wear, the highest heels, the stockings and 8 strap suspender belt and the shortest dress or mini skirt. Make him wear my knickers too!

    M&A [sign in to see picture]
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    The OH (Mrs) is not that inventive but me on the other hand and I like the suggestion.

    My FB has suggested it to me and I have already ventured to buy lace hold ups, sexy knickers and a skirt. Not able to meet her till next weekend to see how it all works.

    Bit it does most definately have a very big horny factor.

    Scorpius12 [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there and welcome to the forums :) x

    katieman [sign in to see picture]
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    Thx for replies and welcomes to you all especially as it is my first post in the forum! It is also nice to know that most of you sexy ladies would consider dressing your guy for horny fun and that you guys would like to be dressed! So new i dont like to ask to be friends here so if you would like to add me then please do. Any more comments more than welcome.x

    stesilc [sign in to see picture]
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    i would love to try my wifes maid outfit on but shesnot up 4 it

    powys [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi, yes my wife loves to dress me up in the bedroom, and one of her favourite outfits on me is the blue alice costume, out of all the costumes we have ever purchased the alice costume is the best quality, nice material and of good thickness so stands upto a lot of wear, I have had mine for nearly 2 years now and it is still in very good condition and I have even slept in it many a nights, also the opaque stockings incuded are really good quality and thickness and sit at the top of my legs, most opaque stockings normaly do not go much past the knees. I wish they also did the alice costume in black and white, as it would make a really nice maids outfit, all the other maid outfits we have tried have not been that nice and are usually very skimpy.

    I have also purchased a second alice costume just in case they discontinue as it is such a nice item, I'm a size 12-14 in women's clothes so I purchased the alice costume in size large and found it a really nice fit, slightly baggy on me but think it looks better that way. Hope you had fun wearing yours.

    Would love honey consider making the alice costume available in black and white?

    stesilc [sign in to see picture]
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    you lads are so lucky

    Useitorloseit [sign in to see picture]
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    I feel sorry for the men that would love to try this but are to worried to suggest it to there partners as there not sure how they would react. I was lucky as it was my wife that suggested it to me, would be great if more women would suggest it to there partners as I bet many men will never have the courage despite really wanting to give it a try. I know I have posted this before but this is how it happened for me.

    Recently we where in matalan shopping with my wife when she noticed some red sexy underwear on display, she picked up a red floral lace non padded bra which I noticed had very small cups (size 36a) I said is that not to small for you to which see replied I'm not wearing it you are to which I was shocked and confused, she then carried on looking and picked up a matching red suspender belt, she picked up a size 12 and held it against me and said that will do, at which point I started to realise maybe she is serious, and also at the same time realised i was actually turned on by this idea, she then picked up the matching knickers but we both agrred they were to thin to fit so she left them. Later that night she dresses me up in the bra and suspender belt, and gave me a pair of her black m&s knickers and black stockings, what a night we had I have never been so turned on and never thought I would wear women's underwear. She has since been back and got me the other colours of the floral lace non padded bras which are black, blue and white. Although only white and red are available online. She also got me a couple of satin slips, so now every night I'm wearing a floral lace bra, knickers and a slip, the suspender belt is only for when we want a really good session. Are sex life has gone from good to amazing. I don't know why or where she came up with the idea but you will not hear me complain.

    katieman [sign in to see picture]
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    Seems some of us are the lucky ones! I dont expect some blokey type guys to enjoy this fetish but i`m sure many guys would love their partners to dress them up for fun going by the dissapointed ones answering here. Not sure where i got my maids outfit from now but loved last New years eve dressing and serving my O/H all evening and seeing in midnight dressed to serve inside and outside the bedroom . My outfit fits perfectly (see profile pic) so come on Lovehoney how about a line of clothing for her to buy him and help them both find his slightly hidden fem side.x

    Mr Gentleman gent [sign in to see picture]
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    i'd have a go at this, to please her

    mikeym3 [sign in to see picture]
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    Katieman you're profile pic is awesome, you look hot.

    monkey169 [sign in to see picture]
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    I would love my OH to join in with my dressing but she doesn't like the idea (although she does like Eddie Izzard in heels). Mainly its the underwear, stockings and heels. French maid is always fun too

    Yes man [sign in to see picture]
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    I love to xdress but have to do it in my own time, my OH is in to anything and those who know me on this forum will know how literal anything is! but I know her well enough that this will never happen, she just doesn't like the idea of men in womens clothing, I can deal with it because what we do easily makes up for not xdressing during our sessions! X

    Young and fun95 [sign in to see picture]
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    id never suggest this but if OH wanted to i'd be up for it, i do sometimes see lace mens boxers and think how they'd look on him but i just dont think itd be his thing and itd amke him uncomfortable.

    AsYouWish! [sign in to see picture]
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    Can I ask, is it a dominance thing? I think I would look so ridiculous that I doubt if we would get past laughing! I suppose it might work as a form of humiliation but I doubt I would turn her on.

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