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    L used to go riding occasionally I have to say for me it was the tight jodhpurs iv never seen a non nice arse on jodhpurs. The strength in her legs is fun too for riding her stallion in bed. We have used her riding crop for sexy time too. A lovely sound on bare flesh.


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    It's probably the naughty thoughts the size of a horse cock and have you ever felt it or played with it like some blue films have at some point shown even sex with one OMG my thoughts on that one lol.

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    You need to be careful with that. That's how Catherine the Great died. (Not really)

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    Sum Sub wrote:

    Personally, a woman who is a horse rider comes fairly low down my list of turn ons. In fact id go as far as to say it isn't on the list.

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    My oh hates it when I get in from the horses. I stink of horse poop even worse after mucking out! Far from a turn on 😂

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    Horsey things have never been a turn on, but all this talk about tight jodpers and whips, I can see the point now, more so the whip bit.

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    My hubby says " tight trousers, women bouncing up and down, wearing boots and bouncing boobs, what's not too like" his words not mine. I don't ride horses by the way.

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    Defineatly the tight jodhpurs and the boots and crop that do it for me.

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    I have been extremely turned on by women in equestrian outfits since a friends mum stripped of her jodhpurs and tall boots in front of me when I was about 10 years old. She was genuinely beautiful and very curvy! It was an awakening moment as a boy and I was also turned on by her confidence.... and power over her horse. The tight fitting nature of her jodhpurs was really sexy and the tall leather boots added to the feeling of her power.
    I have found that equestrian women's confidence can be a turn on too - they have a 'get out and do things' mentality that is positive as well as a 'take control' or domination element!
    I also find the idea of muddy / wet / sweaty equestrian women a turn on too - it has an element of class that is slightly defiled - expensive clothes and leather boots that have been allowed to get 'dirty'.....
    I still find it impossible not to be turned on by a glorious bum in jodhpurs and legs in tall boots......... Tight clothing pretty much does it for me........
    Just my 'personal' hang up!!!

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    What the spark said!


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    Jilly Coopers Riders film , Women in tight jodphurs and riding crops. Having a fling in a barn amongst the straw.

    Apart from that nothing really

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    Yeah I love women horseriders!

    For me its the rythm of the bouncing up and down, which I find gives you ladies always fantastic thighs and bums, which you show off in the very tight pants and knee high boots

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    A good pair of shaped boots, tight cream leggins, and a prominent mound. Whats not to like.

    My friend had a Hunter at the stables in the next road, and one day I popped round with a bag of chips, one of the girls was mucking out and said I'd just missed him. As she passed me with the barrow she caught a whiff of the chips and said that makes a change. My reply was do you want some, we sat on a couple of bails and chatted and shared this bag of chips, I could feel myself getting turned on by this girl that must have been half my age. I tried to divert my thoughts and asked her what was her favorite horse there, she pointed to a horse and said 'Goldie' I turned to look and saw this blond horse with a mottled dick as long as my arm steaming!! That done it for me I had to get up and make excuses to leave.

    I still don't know who she was but those boots, those leggins, that mound. I thank her for the memory. x

    VirginAngel [sign in to see picture]
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    My immediate thought is that as you bounce up and down they're imagining you doing it on top of them?

    sassykitten;) [sign in to see picture]
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    Still dont quite get it, seen as 99% we arent actually riding but hey ho

    Fun Louise [sign in to see picture]
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    It could be one of three things.

    1. The man likes the idea of a woman in tight jodhpurs with a riding crop in her hand.

    2. The man appreciates a good well toned strong pair of thighs, that you get from riding.

    3. They just want to be the horse. Ride them cowgirl!

    Troubled Joe [sign in to see picture]
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    Can't see the appeal myself. The tight jodhpurs, crisp white shirt and black blazer, the leather boots, the whip.... Ummm no, nothing!

    NijiTXX [sign in to see picture]
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    Just my POV.

    We are talking about some hot women that wear tight clothing, that are usually blessed in the ass and thigh department due to their passtime (riding) they carry whips around and they're not for the horse's they are for the naughty stable girls given a good spanking in the barn. Lastly on top of all this these women see allot of massive cocks now I'm not suggesting these classy females do what you think I'm going to say but it must get them thinking.

    All of this combined for me leaves me wondering how this can not be a turn on and what an experience it must be in the bedroom with one.

    To all the horsey girls. Salute.

    nodrog [sign in to see picture]
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    I read this post before I went to work this morning and as it happens I drove past 2 girls one on a horse and the other walking in front of hers and yes they did look rather sexy
    Thank you for answering the question about orgasms I always thought they did lol

    sassykitten;) [sign in to see picture]
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    Nope no orgasms while riding im afraid, that would be bloody dangerous.

    I hate to burst your bubbles but unfortuntly because im always sorrounded by whips etc they dont excite me, infact i was in the competitions store once looking/testing the crops n turn to a friend said mine are better at the barn but I said it a bit loud and got a few looks lol

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