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    Hi guys,

    So I need some advice. Me and my boyfriend are getting very serious and are hoping to have sex soon. The problem is I'm a virgin and he's really nervous so it's making it really quite difficult. Also, just to make it worse, we'll be in bed and he'll be relieving himself and he wants me to help but I'm really scared that what I do might hurt him/not be any good. I don't really know what to do, we've talked about it and it's more or less gone in one ear and out the next. I don't suppose anyone has any tips that might help?


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    You say he is nervous...is he also a virgin.? Tbh it sounds like you both have the same issue. If you are wanting info on giving him a bj..there are plenty of sources for this to give you a heads up( pardon the pun!)
    Getting an idea of what you could do will help demystify it. But...short of biting...there is nothing you can " break" on him... It won't come off in your hands! And if you are that firm..he will probably pop fast and love you for it!
    As for you.... Take the pace that you feel comfortable with.. And stop if you do not want to go further. Relax... And if you want to be preped..have condoms and lube ready to hand..to make things easier.( always go safe sex....)
    To be doubly sure..get on some contraception, to take control of that matter in case the passion takes over. If you are unsure on how to use a condom...practice on a banana or cucumber( or dildo.if you have one) get confident with these elements will help you to relax into it. Enjoy it... And go at your pace, and communicate what you like as it happens...gl

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    Couldn't agree with NaughtyMum more - youll probably find that when it does happen you wonder why you were so worried but there's no rush, don't push things to hard and let things take their course, just remember to keep things safe and the rest will take care of itself. Also remember, hell be just as worried as what he might be supposed to do (I remember when I was heading for my first time, lady bits were a complete and utter mystery) - so you may need to just help him out a little with either some guidance or positive encouragement and then you'll find that communication is key as you discover each other.

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    Honestly, it doesn't sound like you're ready to have sex just yet. Take it slow just using your hands together for a while then your mouth and when you're ready, sex. You really need to be prepared with condoms and water based lube and go slow. You need to discuss it with him first as if he's a virgin he won't know what to do either, he needs to understand to be gentle as it can sometimes be a little painful and you need to be really turned on before he even attempts entering you. Do some research on tips for blow jobs and sex which will help relax you
    just relax, go slow and understand that you may not have a mind blowing orgasm on your first time

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