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  1. watersports

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    The "drink plenty of water" advice is good. I also recommend watching what you eat/drink for 12 to 24 hours before hand. Some food and drink (Like coffee, asparagus, sugar puffs etc) can make your wee smell strongly. Although, if neither of you care about the smell then just go for it.

    Also - expect stage fright. It is surprisingly hard to get a flow going when not stood/sat on the toilet and with someone else in direct line of fire. Just try to relax, close your eyes and don't try to force it (that makes it worse) It helps to try in the bath or on the toilet first, if you suffer stage fright badly, as being in those areas seems to help "associate" if that makes sense?

    The spark [sign in to see picture]
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    hmm this thread is giving me ideas. Not sure how my partner would take it... but maybe when she reads through this thread and we plan a naughty session, who knows. Keep us posted OP :)

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    daydream about my girlfriend peeing on me all the time. we have talked about it a few times, have never followed through with it tho :/

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    My wife and I do it. I have weed on her in the distant past and she did seem to get turned on by it but these days she showers me. We do it various places in the bed, put towels down or the shower room. My wife squirts and pees so sometimes gets hard to tell which is which. One great technique is to flick my cock quickly up and down the lips, clit of her vagina and this causes her to squirt pee. Sometimes will go into the bathroom and get her to squat over me and piss whilst I wank. Toys often get used as well as fisting. It really is great sex and we both love it. She even says that when she is having a pee normally it turns her knowing what we do. Drink water, avoid asparagus. Enjoy it.

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    Mrs B does it on me every now and then, it's not her thing but I enjoy it. Just make sure she's had a lot to drink and don't make it the first one of the day....

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    well my partner did read this thread in the end. I would say its something we both enjoyed during our first tester. So far all we have tried is me watching my partner while she used the loo. Doesnt sound great by we both enjoyed it. Basically she just stripped and the squated over the loo. It took her a while to feel comfortable to go but in the end she said it felt so naughty and kinky, I loved watching it too.. Not sure if we are ready for the next step, but who knows, maybe next time we are in the shower.... Anyway, maybe you should try just watching her and see how it goes so you know if you are into it? just a thought?

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    We've tried it once in the shower although with it running I cant say I noticed a lot. I've got no desire to pee on my wife I just want her to pee on me.
    Certainly watched her pee quiet a few times which I love and hoping to go further and have her pee on me.

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    I have done it all over my wife (face, tits, pussy etc) and to be honest she's not keen. I like doing it and I would love her to piss in my mouth and everywhere but she won't! Don't know why??

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