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    blonde vixen13 wrote:

    We do. Our sex life is a big joke to our close friends. They are all quite vanilla so it makes them laugh when I being out out new toys or tell them about our latest adventure. My hubby isn't as open as me , he will chat to my friends about it but not his own

    how do you know they are all quite vanilla? for all you know,They might be kinkier and wilder than me and you both lol.

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    I doubt "guys" would talk openly 'at all' if I'm anything to go by so, no, to answer the original question, still find it difficult talking to my wife having been together nearly 20 years!

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    Yes I'd say that we are quite open when it comes to sharing things, I told my mother vaguely about the reviews I do but shes very prude. However a few of our friends know what kind of toys we have and that I review things from time to time. Even people at our local pub know and ask advice on toys lol.

    Although we are quite open in that sense and have jokey play with each other and banter with friends, there is a line though. For example I wouldnt share my kinky Twitter account or that we swing.

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    Just realised you said couple so wrong post from me 'doh

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    I have a couple of mates I talk to about our sex life, they tell me about theirs also. Mrs B doesn't discuss it with anybody...

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    A lot of people know me as a straight laced sensible kind of person. My sex life doesn't always match that, and it would be out of 'character' for me to talk about it. On the other hand my OH can be fairly open, too open, and usually with her mum (awkward as hell).

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