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  1. HELP! Sex with a broken leg!

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    Hello all. My husband foolishly broke his leg while playing football a fortnight ago and has got his appetite for sex back. While I've been able to help him out in some ways, has anyone managed to have sex while their parnter is in plaster and not make it worse?

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    Yes, my husband broke his ankle years ago and was in plaster up to just under his knee. We found me on top easiest for him either with him laying down or sat on a chair. As long as you're careful about how you position yourself you should be able to avoid causing any more damage!

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    This would be brilliant for you to ride him without putting weight on his legs


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    I assume sitting on him and making sure you avoid the plaster so you do not make it worse.

    I know it can be hard. I fell down the stairs month and half ago, and injured the tendons on my ankle. I am still on crutch and just starting rehab. As my partner is on wheelchair and cannot move from waist down. So for us it was for a while the end of sex in terms of penetration, but we still could have some fun.

    Such as oral sex, him watch me playing with myself, teasing each other. etc.


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    I once had a girlfriend who had broken her leg and was in a cast. We found a coffee table alongside the bed was great. For a guy in a cast on the bottom is best.

    Peitho [sign in to see picture]
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    A few years ago I pretty much demolished my knee cap and broke my heel at the same time. Leg was in plaster to about two thirds of the way up my thigh. Also damaged the other leg but thankfully no broken bones there. I sympathise with your husband, after a couple of weeks in hospital I was really horny! When I got home we managed quite well, I think like you my other half was worried about hurting me but the cast really does do a good job of protecting broken bones from damage and we managed fine with me underneath and leg kind of propped up to one side. I think like others have suggested you go on top and I'm sure you'll manage fine.

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    I tore my knee ligaments a few years back and was in a full leg cast from ankle to top of my thigh for 8 weeks! there's no way a gal can go without for that long.......

    i could go underneath with my leg on a bit of a right angle..... bit uncomfortable after a while and a bit restricting to move around, doggy style was ok as i could kneel on the bed with plastered leg standing or me on top with leg off end of bed.

    You will find ways to improvise with positions, pillows etc, believe me!!

    ksw1980 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for all the advice. We went with me on top and, with a little discomfort at first, achieved our goals lol. He was in a little pain after, so may have to be more careful next time, or it may have been pain killers wearing off!

    I think he's enjoying these bed baths too much though. I might have to get a nurses uniform!

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